The 10 Most Drug Addicted Countries in the World -
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The 10 Most Drug Addicted Countries in the World –

Being trapped in the largest scale drugs problem and most prevalence of lethal drugs may take any country of the world to verge of disaster. In today’s world , most of drug has become normal part of life as it is socially accepted in most countries where it is considered that use of small amount of mind-altering substances like Nicotine, Caffeine which are present in tea, cigarettes are no big deal while some countries have even decriminalized the use of all drugs. Though people use most problematic drugs in a very small quantity but its prevalence in many countries is increasing and meeting an alarming condition. 
Usually the nicotine is a very first form of drug which doesn’t harm the human body as the other drugs like Heroin, Marijuana, Alcohol and etc do. Of course the excess of everything is bad and it is socially proved that the regular use of these things make a human being feel helpless when he/she doesn’t use it on daily basis. The Nicotine and Caffeine are the very first form of drugs which relax one’s mind to some extent but as it is said that excess of everything is bad, so continuous use of them would surely harm the human body.

It is mostly seen that the youngsters are caught in the webs of drug addiction who use heavy drugs like Marijuana, Heroin, Alcohol and various others just to bring peace and relaxation to their mind. They feel like incomplete if they are not using them in daily routine. These factors lead to the destruction of one’s family as well as the social surroundings around him/her. Large number of countries are here who have the highest drug addiction rate but the top ten of them are listed below along with their stats.

1. Iran (Heroin)
The whole world knows about the fact that Iran is at the top with highest drug addiction. The most consumed drug in Iran is Heroin which is used in astonishingly large quantity. From the past years, this country has been in extreme difficulty due to excessive use of Heroin owing to the short budget for tackling the drug addiction. However from the recent statistics, the availability of this drug has been reduced to a great extent. All that is due to the increment in the drug tackling budget by the UN Drug Office. The total consumption of Heroin in Iran is as highest as 14.32% per capita that’s why we termed this country the most addicted one.

2. United Kingdom (Alcohol)
As nothing for a large country like U.K, the Alcohol consumption in big quantity there is considered as not a big deal. However the UK stands at the second spot in drug addiction. The addiction to drinking is widely realized and accepted in the country without any social issues as it has become a trend to drink especially on occasions once in a week but the main aspect to be seen is that getting addicted of alcohol is neither healthy nor harmless. According to recent survey, a total of a 1.6 billion people in the country are addicted to drinking from which 52% are men and 53% are women. But regardless of that, the state will need to do a lot of work to decrease this rapid expansion of drug addicted society for a smooth and peaceful atmosphere.

3. France (Prescription Pills)
One would be amazed to know that France is at number 3 in the drug addicted countries list. The major drug addiction there is the use of prescription pills due to relatively lower prices than other countries. For instance, the drug which is sold for 23$ in America is available in France for just 3$. One can understand now that why the use of prescription pills is so much wide in France. Pills are meant to cure the disease while also giving relaxation to mind for short time. But the case is not this in France as these pills serve as the main source of relaxation for the drug addicts. More than 13 percent population is addicted to pills.

4. Slovakia (Inhalants)
Slovakia stands at the number four in our list of countries with highest drug addiction. Usually these inhalants include colorless substances, paint thinners and various ones like those. The proper reason behind this addiction is still not found but usually it is said that inhalants serve as an easy and accessible source of Toluene. However this type of addiction is hugely hazardous to human body which may cause enormous deaths. The consumption per capita in Slovakia is 13.01%.

5. Russia (Alcohol)
The usual lifestyle of Russia is mainly comprised of daily routine use of Alcohol in large quantity. Usually the form of alcohol which is highly consumed is Vodka and most of the addicts belong to young ages. From the recent years, it is seen that there a huge amount of premature deaths occurred in the country which mostly include teenagers and youngsters. More than 23% of the people in Russia who doesn’t reach the age number of 55 usually die because of alcohol related diseases like alcohol poisoning, liver diseases, social violence and suicides as well. Various steps have been taken to reduce drug addiction but nation has a long way to go to kick out this addiction. 7.1% per capita is the total consumption there in Russia.

6. Afghanistan (Heroin)
Afghanistan, the country highly popular just for its high consumption of heroin. Afghanistan stands as the largest producer of Opium plant. Heroin is made from that flowery opium plant. Due to high availability, massive number of consumers joined the line having various age groups. Approximately 350000 people in the country are addicted to this drug. Not only youngsters and elders but the children are also addicted to Heroin. This is due to the fact that parents give the drug to their kids as well. The probable reasons for this huge consumption could be mainly due high availability, cheap prices, very few medical facilities and lack of proper health guides. Heroin consumption in Afghanistan is approximately 6.9% per capita.

7. Canada (Marijuana)
Canada is at number seven with astonishingly high consumption of Marijuana Pots on routine basis. It is been surveyed that about 44.5% of the total population of country is addicted to it. These statistics were taken out after 2004 but total addictions reduced to some extent which according to 2011 survey report, was 39.4%. Commonly the age at which Canadians are getting addicted is being observed to be fifteen years of age. The country is taking this issue very seriously and making legislation to tackle the drug abuse but to reduce the total consumption of pot (which is 223000), some sound and effective steps would be needed. Total consumption there is 6.4% per capita.

8. United States (Prescription Pills)
United States stands at the 8th spot with every 7 out of 10 American people are observed to be addicted to at least one particular prescription pill. Generally these pills are for chronic states just like heart problem or diabetes but some relaxing factors of them are attracting more and more people towards them. One of the factors for which Americans are getting addicted to it is the anti-depressant and relaxing aspect of it. The drug addiction percentage has recently increased from 44 to 48. This is the worrying situation for great country as this rate is predicted to rise further in future.

9. Brazil (Oxi)
With ultra high addiction and consumption of Oxi, Brazil is at number nine. Oxi not being the significant one just like Heroin, Cocaine etc but indeed it is among highly addicting drugs. The Oxi basically comprises of a mixture of Calcium Oxide, Gasoline, Cocaine paste and the one highly addictive liquid, Kerosene. Probability behind extremely massive use of Oxi in the country is due to high availability, low price and more powerful as compared to cocaine. Per capita consumption of Oxi in Brazil is 4.29% and this increasing consumption is unlikely to be controlled or reduced in future.

10. Mexico (Meth)
Being one of the largest drug exporting countries in the world, Mexico stays at number ten. Meth being one of the world’s biggest drug problems, covers almost the whole Mexican state. It is been observed that a total amount of 360000 people have tried meth for at least once in their lives. Due to spreading circle of Meth around the world, the consumer percentage arisen from 61% to 73% in a report in 2011. With rapidly growing consumers of Meth, the matter is getting serious and intends to increase that rate further more in future. The country contributes about 3.9% per capita consumption of Meth.
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