World's 10 Most Divorced Countries
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World’s 10 Most Divorced Countries

From a teenage everyone start dreaming about the big day of life “marriage” but nobody knows will this special day be a start of happy successful life or end with divorce ” and for this, we should learn how to settling down issues with partner and to minimize most possible conditions of breakup. Majority of today’s adult relationships are unable to achieve “happy ever after” marriage. In modern western countries, divorce rate is highest than rest of the world where people are fortunate enough to call quits on a relationship that isn’t working, enjoy complete freedom to leave and to continue search for new partner. It is clear that it has become serious problem in most countries of the world. Lot of measures need to be done to minimize the gravitating problem of separation. The alarming high rate of divorce is a slap on the face of the society. Certain nations are more likely to get divorced than others and the most common factors that somehow related to such issues are freedom, social acceptance, religiously and culturally permissible .Most ethnically diverse country, having people of different race, religion and culture, is more likely to have highest divorce rate. It is also fact that with advancements and development, People can’t find time for their families; spend busy lives with lots of workload. Some personal reasons are lack of mental compatibility, lesser communications, no babies, and sometimes employment. It not only destroys two lives but also ruins two families and is seriously something unacceptable in every society. The UN’s Demographics and Social Statistics Division maintains record of the divorces rate in most countries. Their statistics clearly reveals severances of this issue and require measure to cope with it. To further shed some light on this prominent issue, the following list ranks the countries with highest divorce rate.

Rank  Country % Divorce:marriage ratio
1. Belgium 71
2. Portugal 68
3. Hungary 67
4. Czech Republic 66
5. Spain 61
6. Luxembourg 60
7. Estonia 58
8. Cuba 56
9. France 55
10. USA 53

Belgium has the highest divorce rate in the world. Decline of the Church is the main element in raising these figures. Approximately 32, 000 Belgians get divorce annually. It is a shocking reality that only about a third of marriages actually last in the country. Belgian courts grant separation in most cases on the basis of adultery, excesses, physical and mental cruelty.

Last Updated : UN’s Demographics and Social Statistics Division, Last Updated : January 01, 2015

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