Ten Countries Where People Work the Least
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Ten Countries Where People Work the Least

The idea that society might work least in order to enjoy life is the best route to prosperity. Less work is seen as a necessary foundation for better work since shorter work hours increase the morale and motivation of workers and creates more opportunities for worker to realise their potential thus give more production. Self-realisation comes from doing work but when it starts putting huge burden upon worker; it could snatch happiness and delights of work. Diminishing burdensome work could be a smartest route to a better standard of life, including a better quality of work life.

Lowering working time would be crucial part of a future communist society and also tagged as the “ultimate solution” to unemployment. It offers a route to equal allocation of time to all those who work the most and to those who do nothing So that everyone could equally share burden of economy in optimum way and maintain a better lives inside and outside of work. Various countries have various working hours per year obligated on their employees. More developed the nation, lesser will be the working hours and contrary to that, lesser the developed the country, more will be the working hours. Somehow technology is also curtailing job time to much extent that’s why industrial nations have world’s lowest working hours.
The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released its 2014 Employment Outlook. Countries with the fewest average hours worked have the most part-time workers relative to the total working population. The wealthiest countries with the highest GDP per capita got most spot in top ten lists. Based on the OECD report, here are the 10 countries where people work the least as compared to rest of the world.

Rank Country Average annual hours actually worked per worker
2012 2013 2014
1 Germany 1374 1363 1371
2 Netherlands 1426 1421 1425
3 Norway 1420 1408 1427
4 Denmark 1443 1438 1436
5 France 1490 1474 1473
6 Slovenia 1537 1550 1561
7 Switzerland 1592 1576 1568
8 Sweden 1618 1607 1609
9 Austria 1649 1629 1629
10 Luxembourg 1615 1649 1643

The industrial powerhouse of Europe, Germany is the country with least working hours of 1371 hours per year. German workers enjoy shorter working hours than most of their global counterparts but still able to maintain such a high level of productivity. In German business culture, when an employee is at work, they should not be doing anything other than their work. Facebook is not allowed in the office whatsoever, and no private email is permitted. The German government is currently considering a ban on work-related emails after 6pm, to counter the accessibility that smartphones and constant connectivity give employers to their employees. Furthermore, Germans also enjoy a high number of paid vacation days. Workers are focused, diligent and allowed to do directly conversation with any level of management to address any issue which in turn leads to higher productivity in a shorter period of time that why this country is also a leading manufacturer of goods for export to developing Asian nations.
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