Ten Countries with Least Percentage of Cigarette Smokers
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Ten Countries with Least Percentage of Cigarette Smokers

Probably the most seen addiction in especially the young generation, cigarette is the biggest consumed form of drug in the world. Every year, cigarettes are smoked by at least 1 billion people which is about 20 percent of the total world population. Despite the strictness and inflation in cigarette prices varying from country to country, the amount of addiction of it doesn’t seem to be reducing. From a total of 1 billion smokers, 800 million are men and remaining are women. The age group which seems to be the biggest addicted to tobacco is the young people due to decline in cigarette prices from previous years. Nearly 10 percent of adult deaths worldwide is somehow due to use of tobacco, equating to about 5 million deaths each year (WHO, 2012a). If current trends continue, tobacco use could kill more than eight million people per year by 2030.

The proportion of daily smokers among the adult population varies greatly across countries. Sharp increase in its demand is observed in developing countries while incidence of smoking is declining in developed countries. About 80% of all smokers now live in just 10 countries. Smoking rates in the United States and Australia is also touching its lowest figure and continuously declining. The Asian continent is famous around the world due to its lower cigarette rates which is resulting in rapid increase in tobacco consumption by young age group. Regardless of that, various countries in the world have taken steps ahead to reduce the tobacco consumption rate as lowest as possible by spreading the awareness about the damaging effects of cigarette towards human health. India is the country where smoking is least prevalent nearly 10.7 of adult population do smoking daily which is least percentage in the all OCED countries. The below given table would further illustrate the countries who have been successful in reducing the tobacco addiction.

Ten OECD Countries with Least Adult Smokers in the World

Rank Country Adult population smoking daily ( As a percentage of adult population, 2011 or latest available year )
1 India 10.7
2 Sweden 13.1
3 South Africa 13.8
4 Iceland 14.3
5 Brazil 14.8
6 United States 14.8
7 Australia 15.1
8 Canada 15.7
9 New Zealand 16.5
10 Luxembourg 17
Source : OECD Factbook 2014

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