Ten Countries with Lowest Average Annual Rainfall
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Ten Countries with Lowest Average Annual Rainfall

Among the many blessings for human being by God Almighty, rainfall is another unmatchable blessing which is beneficial in most cases. Especially for the countries with rich and fertile soil, rainfall is as important for them as fuel is for a vehicle but on the other side as it is said that “Excess of everything is bad”, so same is the case with the rainfall. If it is up to a normal duration, that’s beneficial but if occur least, it could become the reason for natural disaster in the form of droughts. Keep the negative aspects apart; rainfall is indeed the much needed resource for any country in the world. Countries with massive amount of rainfall are progressing sharply in the agriculture sector as their annual agriculture output is increasing rapidly which is also paying a great contribution towards the national economy.

Latest NASA report has shown that world is running out of water. There are some countries in the world which receive the lowest rainfall and dryness is taken to an extreme dangerous level there that makes cultivation completely impossible. It is being observed that around the world there are some countries which are not blessed with this natural resource as the rainfall occur rarely that leads to the destruction of agricultural fields and lowering of corps production. Resultantly the  extreme poverty and high inflation come all around that cause the country’s economy to decline in quick time. There are so many countries in the world which receive the least rainfall per year from which the top 10 list is tabulated below, based on data from NASA.

Rank Country City Rainfall Per Year (In Millimeters)
1 Antarctica Dry Valleys 0
2 Chile Arica 0.761 (0.03 Inches)
3 Libya Al-Kufrah 0.860 (0.0338 Inches)
4 Egypt Aswan 0.861 (0.0338 Inches)
5 Egypt Luxor 0.862 (0.034 Inches)
6 Peru Ica 2.29 (0.09 Inches)
7 Sudan Wadi Halfa 2.45 (0.096 Inches)
8 Chile Iquique 5.08 (0.2 Inches)
9 Namibia Pelican Point 8.13 (0.32 Inches)
10 Algeria Aoulef 12.19 (0.48 Inches)

As according to NASA reports, Antarctica receives the least rainfall and is considered to be the driest place in the world with annual rainfall rate of zero. Arica of Chile comes after it which receives lowest rainfall of just 0.03 inches annually.
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