Top 10 Countries with Worst Droughts
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Top 10 Countries with Worst Droughts

As the nature has blessed the human beings with unlimited blessings but at the same time some deadliest droughts have also caught the mankind in various countries in the world causing the shortage of food, water and other necessities of life due to lesser rains that makes land infertile. These factors lead to uncountable deaths and starvation among the victim countries while destroying its economy to a really awful level. Various numbers of biggest calamities have occurred in the history worldwide but the top 10 worst droughts are listed below along with their statistics.

1. Ethiopia
Probably the poorest country in the world, Ethiopia has the most vulnerability towards drought. It’s been ranked at 172nd position out of 174 in terms of overall development which proves its ultimate poverty. Especially the towns of Denan, Imi and Gode in Ethiopia are worst affected by deadliest  drought most of times. Estimates of about 8 million out of 60 million people are at instant jeopardy due to terrifying droughts.
2. Eritrea
Located on the horns of African continent and mostly caught in the hands of war, Eritrea is another country with terrifying rate of poverty all around. Bordering with Ethiopia is one of the reasons for experiencing biggest droughts as it leaded to major food shortage in the most droughts ever happened here. While one million people were dislocated due to war, estimates of 1.3 million citizens of Eritrea are at alarming risk.
3. Somalia
Located at the horns of African continent alongside Eritrea, the Federal republic of Somalia has faced one of deadliest droughts in the history. Due to continuous and excessive rains and flash flooding, this country faces worst droughts every year. Historically due to seven repeated poor harvests and severe insecurities in several areas, the food shortage became major issue while affection around 1 million people from which 300000 were the under 5 aged children.
4. Sudan
Sudan not being amongst the poorest countries in the world also faces some most severe droughts every year. The southern part is the worst affected area where it annually affects an estimate of around 2.8 million people. Due to some awful insecurity and less fertility, Sudan is at the 4th spot on the list of countries with deadliest  droughts in the history.
5. Uganda
It is a surprising fact that Uganda is also on the list of countries facing worst droughts with annual risk rate of about 550000 people due to disgusting food insecurities, hoardings and lesser harvests during the whole year. However concern authorities are taking some serious steps to reduce these numbers to make a better and healthy economy.

6. Afghanistan
As its name doesn’t need any further description, Afghanistan is probably amongst the most barren and infertile countries in the world. Comprising mostly of deserts and mountains, the country faces most of the world’s biggest droughts encompasses southern part where about 60 to 80% of the livestock has died a poor death. About 10% (2.5 million people) of the total population of Afghanistan is drought-affected who would need the donation and support of other countries for a period of at least 1 year.
7. China
Obviously not the whole country but the Shanxi province located in the northern China is mostly affected by deadliest  droughts every year since it receive little to no rain causing immense shortage of water. About 60% of total land area in Shanxi is unfertile due to serious shortage of water. The one third part of Shanxi’s wheat crops were destroyed completely due to lack of water and around 3 million citizens of Shanxi lacks the natural blessing of water.
8. India
India being facing one of world’s deadliest and biggest droughts in last 100 years history is at 8th spot. Mostly the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are worst affected areas due to lack of enough monsoon rains. The country has astonishing and scary figures of 130 million people at risk in around 12 states but the government is aiming to relieve the drought affected states.
9. Iran
Another country with worst droughts experience due to lack of enough water, Iran is probably facing huge loss due to deadliest  droughts. From the recent reports, the Iranian government has told the UN official in Tehran about the acceptance of international aid to cover up the loss of about 1.7 billion (US$) happened due to droughts. It will take around 200 million (US$) for the government to supply water tankers and purification units to the affected areas of Iran.

10. Morocco
The country with the largest drought affected land area, Morocco is at number 10 with effected land area of about 70% of the total. It is their worst drought in the decade for which government is taking some fine and appreciable steps to reduce the numbers. Moroccan government has recently launched a rehabilitation plan of about 200 million (US$) to compensate and re-establish the vast affected areas of the country.
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