Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World
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Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World

It is true that we only miss the sun when it starts to snow and in case of little snow  we wish for more snow, think of all the people living in the coldest countries  who would do anything for a the slightest ray of sunshine in their lives. Most people consider the winter and snowy environment is entertaining but this thinking will surely come to an end if it come to know that top ten coldest  countries have drastically intense winters that is  extremely unbearable that causes great trouble for the people and even prevents them from performing daily activities during winter seasons. There are many coldest countries where human habitation is quite difficult and even thinking of life in such cold climate will make you scared. Below are the top 10 coldest countries in the world.

10. Estonia
Estonia may not have an extreme climate  like other countries in this list but is coldest enough to prevent people from performing their work. It is located between Finland and the Baltic Sea. In winter season, people of Estonia can’t even perform daily activities. The temperature lies between -7 °C and -3 °C during winters and increases up to 16.5 °C in summer. Rainfall is very unpredictable here that make the weather more cold.

9. Finland
The attractive Scandinavian country has coldest winters in the world. The temperature ranges from -45 °C to 0°C while it falls to -45 °C to -22 °C in winters. Snowfall accompanied with bitingly harsh winds makes weather too cold that is unbearable to live. The summer is quite tolerable and pleasant. The sun never rises above the horizon for 2 months in northernmost part of the country. It sees no more than 6 hours of daylight a day in midwinter

8. Mongolia
Mongolia, Central Asia country, is one of the coldest places in the world with average temperature below 0 degrees while it falls below -20°C  in January and February. In summers it is hot and the average temperature is 0°C.

7. Iceland
.The southern part of the country is little warm as compared to north region. The temperature ranges from -30°C to -20°C in winter, falls to 40 degrees in extreme condition and average never goes above freezing point.

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