The Five Remaining Communist Countries
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The Five Remaining Communist Countries

Do you know how many communist countries are there in the World? In the 12th century, they were many countries following this ideology but these former communist countries ceased this system due to numerous reasons. Afterward, the expansion of Communism during and after WWII was also at its peak and many of them have either turned completely democratic or are on their way to change. There were communism throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa during reign of the Soviet Union. Today, total number of remaining communist Countries is five that are on the way to prosperity by optimum allocation of human resources, keep ideologies of the socialist vision of Marx but make major modification to stay relevant in today’s global economy. His basic idea has long been forgotten, but these remaining five countries still follow his vision. In this system, people have job security and do any type of work which is demanded by communist government. The basic ideology is quickly disappearing from the world as we move further away from the Cold War and into the 21st century, most of such former system have been shifted to other political and economic system. Following is the list of five remaining communist countries today.

1. China
China, the most populous country, has communist system since 1949. Mao Zedong declared China as the People’s Republic of China and afterward country done through several economic reforms to make this system more prosperous. The Communist Party goes all the way to eliminate all cultural, traditional and capitalist influences to keep sustainable growth that has made China biggest and most prosperous economies of the world.

2. Cuba
Fidel Castro took over Cuban government in result of revolution of 1959. Cuba had become communist country since 1961 with the downfall of former president Fulgencio Batista. Today, the only remaining Communist country outside of Asia is Cuba that has maintained good healthcare system that is available to all citizens

3. Laos
Laos became a communist country in 1975 when it gone through an internal revolution that was supported by Soviet Union and Vietnam. Its ruling body is a committee that is run by generals in the military. The president in Laos isn’t elected by the people. He just uses the soldiers to give him power. It is one of East Asia’s poorest countries.

4. North Korea
Today, North Korea continues to embrace a communist ideology, avidly protected by its neighbor China. In 2014 the BBC Report characterized it as a nominal communist government. The country is not a perversion of Marxist Communism. It is the misfortune for nation to accept that corrupted system eventually develops.

5. Vietnam
After partition of Vietnam in 1954, North Vietnam became communist state and got support of Soviet Union while South Vietnam has democratic system and got support of USA then after long war, the two countries reunited. In 1976, it became a communist state. In 1986, critical economic and political isolation was at peak but with reforms Vietnam started its way toward acceptance within the global economy. Today, the economic growth of country is highest amongst developing world.

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