World's Top 20 Countries with Best Government
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World’s Top 20 Countries with Best Government

Good governance is the key for development that makes one country stand out as more prosperous than the others. In today’s world, government are often being compelled to change their ideas of “good governance ” but it is not an easy task to govern a country in a best way if there are numbers of issues related political traditions and institutional laws. It’s all about efficient governing styles that makes a big difference and take country on the way to prosperity. Best-functioning government means exercise of authority in the most efficient way to formulate and implement sound policies to raise standard of citizens and eliminate root causes of all social evils. Good governance always changes its policies and strategies with the demands and expectations of masses residing in the country to gain respect of citizens and the state for the institutions of states. The connection of government with development has got a special attention these days and it’s become clear that best-quality government institutions have significant positive outcomes on the health and wealth of societies. According to experts, democracy is the best form of governance in the world but most countries lack pure form of democracy due to corrupt system and growing political crisis. Most western governments are doing best jobs to keep policies according to modern demands of its peoples and efficiently implementing laws that generate system which auto nourishes its masses.
World Bank published The Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) reports that evaluate efficiency of governments in several countries on the basis of following six indicators.

  • Voice and Accountability
  • Political Stability and Absence of Violence
  • Government Effectiveness
  • Regulatory Quality
  • Rule of Law
  • Control of Corruption.

Top 20 Countries with Best Government in the World.

Rank Country Government Effectiveness: Percentile Rank 2012 Government Effectiveness: Estimate 2012
1. Finland 100 2.214481623
2. Singapore 99.5215311 2.151915944
3. Denmark 99.0430622 1.965271628
4. Sweden 98.5645933 1.941434839
5. Norway 98.0861244 1.892413083
6. Switzerland 97.6076555 1.876992243
7. Netherlands 96.6507177 1.799715505
8. New Zealand 96.1722488 1.790035781
9. Liechtenstein 95.6937799 1.764368683
10. Canada 95.215311 1.753661796
11. Luxembourg 94.73684211 1.658789519
12. Australia 94.25837321 1.612142715
13. Belgium 93.77990431 1.590699625
14. Germany 93.30143541 1.574952652
15. Austria 92.82296651 1.557244866
16. Ireland 92.34449761 1.529901889
17. United Kingdom 91.86602871 1.527088363
18. Andorra 91.38755981 1.516758753
19. United States 90.43062201 1.511180953
20. Iceland 89.95215311 1.485540136
Source: World Bank

According to the World bank’s WGI, Finland is currently the world’s best-governed country.

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