Ten Countries with Highest Car Theft Rate
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Ten Countries with Highest Car Theft Rate

Cars have become prime targets for thieves across the world. In the metropolitan areas, cars are the most stolen automobiles due to its worth and easy mobility. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime published data of countries  with highest cars theft rate. Due to difference in legal definition of crime and method of offence counting and recording, extra caution is required while doing cross-national comparisons on such figures however this data will provide you complete picture of current trends on top ten countries. Keep in mind that these figures only include theft of private cars at the country level which were recorded by police, excluding motorcycles, commercial vehicles, buses, lorries, construction and agricultural vehicles. Below are world top ten countries with highest cars thefts rates.

Rank Country Rate per 100,000 population (2012) Total number of police-recorded Cars theft
1. Italy 208.0 126,627
2. France 174.1 111,305
3. United States of America 167.8 532,900
4. Sweden 117.2 11,146
5. Belgium 106.0 11,725
6. Greece 100.2 11,145
7. Norway 94.1 4,701
8. Netherlands 75.2 12,575
9. Spain 75.1 35,131
10. Cyprus 66.0 745
Source : United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

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