The 20 Most Violent Cities In The World
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The 20 Most Violent Cities In The World

Touring around the world is a fantastic way to spend your leisure time, now it’s easier than ever to visit distant places of your dreams but not all cities are as alluring as you think. Every city has number of crime issues that can trap visitors into unbelievable dangerous level of violence. Drug trafficking, gang wars, political instability, corruption, and poverty are most common factors that are largely involved to make cities the most dangerous in the world even gun restriction laws do not affect violent criminals but only disarm innocent people and leave them at the mercy of criminals.

Most of the world’s murders happened in countries of Latin America where homicide rate is highest. The overwhelming majority of the most violent cities in the world are part of Latin America where murder violence is higher than the world average, especially in Honduras, Venezuela and Mexico where condition is continuously getting worse with everyday passed, and now it has become the most dangerous city in term of murder and violence. Venezuela, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico and Brazil are the home of the most violent cities of the world. Improved performance of the police resulted in commendable decrease of violence in some cities of Colombia and El Salvador but lack of transparency and falsifying figures, by some countries to simulate lower than the actual crime rate, is the biggest challenge in ranking cities based on violence and murder rate. Below is the list of top ten most dangerous cities with highest murder rate  that should be avoided to visit.

Position City Country Homicide People Rate
1 San Pedro Sula Honduras 1,411 753.99 187.14
2 Caracas Venezuela 4,364 3247971 134.36
3 Acapulco Mexico 940 833.294 112.8
4 Cali Colombia 1,930 2319684 83.2
5 Maceio Brazil 795 996.733 79.76
6 Central District Honduras 946 1191111 79.42
7 Fortress Brazil 2,754 3782634 72.81
8 Guatemala Guatemala 2,123 3103685 68.4
9 João Pessoa Brazil 515 769.607 66.92
10 Barquisimeto Venezuela 804 1242351 64.72
11 Palmira Colombia 183 300.707 60.86
12 Home Brazil 838 1454264 57.62
13 Salvador (and RMS) Brazil 2,234 3884435 57.51
14 Vitoria Brazil 1,066 1857616 57.39
15 São Luís Brazil 807 1414793 57.04
16 Culiacán Mexico 490 897.583 54.57
17 Ciudad Guayana Venezuela 570 1050283 54.27
18 Turret Mexico 633 1167142 54.24
19 Kingston Jamaica 619 1171686 52.83
20 Cape Town South Africa 1,905 3740026 50.94
Source: Seguridad, Justicia y Paz

San Pedro Sula, city of Honduran, topped the list of most dangerous cities in  the world for third time in a row with homicidal rate of 187 per 100, 000 citizens. Its homicides rate jumped from 125 to 174 from 2010 to 2013. Drug cartels, weapon trafficking, armed gangs all combined to make city the world’s most violent.  Majority of murders involved shooting by armed gang members freely wondering in the city street.

Last Updated : December 28, 2014

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