Nine Countries with Least Violent Crime
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Nine Countries with Least Violent Crime

To create a positive impression towards the world, it is an essential factor for any nation to have the least possible crime rate. This not only improves the overall image of the country but also creates room for international tourists without any danger of life. Given below is the list which explains the countries with lowest crime rate.

1. Switzerland
Probably the most peaceful and crime-free country to live in the world, Switzerland dominates all others. With the lowest violence rate offering, Swiss nation presents the harmony and peace among the communities residing there. With total of 100 valiant policemen guarding every 100 thousand people, Switzerland offers the best peaceful environment to live. Though the crimes recorded there are mostly by the foreigners.

2. Singapore
Being the safest country to live in Asian continent, Singapore takes the 2nd spot with the least crime rate. Murder crimes are a mere rate of about 0.3 murders per 1,00,000 citizens. Whereas the robbery cases are almost zero there. That may be due to the strict law and rules implemented by Singaporean government to ensure completely safe and peaceful environment.
3. Hong Kong
Being famous for having the fastest internet speed, the Hong Kong is at 3rd spot with the lowest violence rate. Murder rate is almost near to zero whereas there isn’t any sign of theft and robbery there. Just the crime recorded is the one and only old trending pick-pocketing. Having only 0.2 murders per 1,00,000 people, Hong Kong is indeed another peaceful and harmonized country to live in.
4. Bahrain
Being amongst the countries having high rate of Law Enforcement Forces, Bahrain is a more peaceful country than your thought. With having 1900 policemen guarding every 100 thousand inhabitants, the major crime are merely reported in Bahrain. Just few cases of bag snatching and pick pocketing are recorded in the old and backward areas of the country. One won’t see major crimes in Bahrain as the strictness towards law is the key factor in country’s high level of peace.
5. Luxembourg
Probably the tiniest and the happiest nation in the world, the crime rate in Luxembourg has nearly reached to zero mark. Having a small land area of 1000 square miles, the country finds no difficultly in dumping the crime rate to zero mark. Being ranked the happiest country by the inhabitants of Luxembourg, the country offers amazing and attractively peaceful living environment.

6. Japan
Japan is among the safest countries to live in Asia with murder rate of just 0.4 per 1,00,000 inhabitants. With 200 policemen given the duty to secure the 100 thousand people, crime rate in Japan seems to be reducing everyday and nearly reached zero. The belief of people of the country in their policemen is another factor which leads to the impressive peacefulness and harmony in Japanese societies and communities.
7. Ireland
Considered to be a country with lowest crime rates in Western Europe, the Irish nation has a tiny homicide rate of 0.32 per 1,00,000 people. Since the signing of “Good Friday Agreement” in 1998, the crime rate in Ireland seems to be reducing to zero level as the determination of policemen and citizens have created a pretty peaceful and crime-free surroundings. A total of 300 policemen have been instructed per 100 thousand natives to be secured.
8. Denmark
With tight security and law implementations, Denmark is another peaceful country to live in. With the low murder rate of 0.1 per 100 thousand citizens, Denmark offers pretty peaceful and violence-free environment for living.

9. Cyprus
Being the attraction for the most European tourists, Cyprus is another crime-free nation located to the East of Mediterranean Sea. Even at night times in Cyprus, the unlocked doors will be seen which a clear sign of ultimate peace there is. Possessing the lowest possible crime rate, Cyprus is the ideal place to live if one is planning to settle near the Mediterranean Sea.
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