Top 10 Countries with World's Highest Murder Rates
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Top 10 Countries with World’s Highest Murder Rates

Everyone wants to reside in a safest environment that would be free of all violence and fear but such place doesn’t exist in any country of the world. Murder has become the serious issue of today’s world for which most countries have made strict laws to decreased murder rate. Unfortunately, the concentration of lethal violence in particular regions of the world is nothing new. The Global Study on Homicide 2013 revealed that nearly half a million people were intentionally murdered in 2012 and highest proportion of them happened in countries of the Americas and Africa that make just 11 per cent of the world population . Record on highest reported murder rates undoubtedly reveals that Africa and America are the least safe places of the world.  Countries with highest population are more likely to have high murder rate and the major reason behind is the weakness of law enforcement agencies which make people know they will not be punished severely on their propensity for violence. Murder reduces in a country with effective law enforcement, high allocation for crime-prevention and latest technology . Giving guns to people for self-protection is making things worse, ammunition in the hand of people is dramatically contributing to the prevalence of highest murder rate in some part of the world. Homicide has ripple effect goes far beyond the initial loss of human life which creates a environment of terror and uncertainty in the whole country. Specially family and community of the victim are exposed to fear and if justice is not provided, impunity can result in more murders. Literacy also play an important role in diminishing worse consequence of such alarming condition. People need to be taught how to behave in life and how to lead life with prosperity.

The Global Study on Homicide prepared report on homicides which revealed that intentional homicide took the lives of almost half a million people.   This report deepen the understanding of policymakers about how they can use their limited means to overcome high murder rate. Our post will tell you how much murder is happening in the world. check out list of countries with the highest level of murder in the world, and find which country recorded the most murders in 2012.

Rank Country Homicide Cases per 100,000 Population (2012)
1. Honduras 90.4
2. Venezuela 53.7
3. Belize 44.7
4. El Salvador 41.2
5. Guatemala 39.9
6. Jamaica 39.3
7. Swaziland 33.8
8. Saint Kitts and Nevis 33.6
9. South Africa 31.0
10. Colombia 30.8



Honduras has the world’s highest homicide rate of of 90.4 per 100,000 population. The country’s gang violence and penetration by drug cartels making it the most murderous country of the world.
Source: Global Study on Homicide

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