Most Drug Addicted Countries in the World
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Most Drug Addicted Countries in the World

We humans are always mad when it comes to needs, shares (individual/personal) and consumption. People around the world consume almost everything to live, enjoy, live, relax, recreate, rejoice and get relieved (indubitably or apparently). We in our lives always have a tilt towards pleasures and toxic attitude. Consuming, eating, chewing, sniffing and injecting good, bad, worst and legal/illegal etc in whatsoever quantity/dose doesn’t bother us much. Though there are some who use brain before making an attempt to lose it but a large number is not adverse to this type of limitation or safer use.
We are ravenously after their daily dose rather abuse – they are no less than a food to many in the world.

There must always has to be a line between use and addiction. Fair consumption is most of the times unproblematic. It is always the overdose, misuse rather abuse that causes the vulnerabilities and negativeness associated with the drugs. By drug, particularly in the context of article, it is pointed to the recreational drugs which has nothing to with the medicinal uses e.g. alcohol, caffeine, opiates, nicotine, amphetamine and others. Recreational drugs are on many times the destructive ones and a sample to do ample. These drugs causing addiction fall in the category of Narcotics.

An estimated 120,000 tons of caffeine is consumed across the world every year. Carbonated drinks, alcohol and nicotine are the other significant and widely consumed and socially acceptable items. The mind-altering substances are used in varying proportions in different countries around the world, the darker side of the story is the drugs related to opiates and likes of it such as heroin, morphine, methamphetamine and cocaine. The extreme association of addicts with these drugs was reported in World Drugs report that revealed about 230 million people in different regions across the globe are involved in the notorious business of narcotics, consuming the poison in different available forms. Out of 230, the report states 27 million were the ‘problem drug users’, abusing cocaine and heroin. Now this is 0.6% of world’s population (one in every 200).

The mood-enhancers and illicit drug use differs in different regions of the world, their usage proportions, abuse, consumption and popularity is varying depending on factors like cost, cultural values, production, ease of access and availability. The prevalence and consumption of the illicit material is into all the cultures, nations and surrounds around different demographics. Here is the list of ten countries with extreme drug addiction based on prevalence, Global Drug Surveys and sources such as World Drug report.

10. Mexico

Meth addiction in Mexico is the epic epidemic faced by the country. Famous for the notorious rather lucrative drug cartels and known for the major exporter of a number of drugs, the Latin region is a powerhouse when it comes to meth production. The number of national addicts is growing at a rapid pace, a survey conducted in 2012 showed that around 360,000 subjects in the country have used methamphetamine for at least once. Mexico is at 10 with meth usage reaching 3.9% per capita.

9. Brazil

The outbreak of Oxi is a decades long problem for Brazilians. Oxi comprising cocaine, gasoline, paste, calcium oxide and kerosene is highly both addictive and adhesive. The 4.29% per capita consumption of highly hallucinogenic material is aided by the domestic markets, as the Oxi is produced by the country itself. Oxidado or rust being powerful and cheap than cocaine is sadly greatly popular among the Brazilians.

8. United States

The habitual abuse of sleeping pills in US is the most alarming and continuously escalating mess. With more than half on two different drugs, 7 out of 10 Americans are found helpless against at least one prescription pill. The pills exploit by the users are mainly for chronic conditions such as heart problems and diabetes followed by anti-depressants and opioids. Within the space of few years the prescription abuse has been shoot-up from 44% to 48% and will tend to rise because of the social and economic pressures faced by Americans. The nation is devouring prescription pills at a rate of no less than 6.2% per capita.

7. Canada

Canada is among the developed nations facing this kind of worriment. The 6.4% per capita expenditure of Marijuana is impressive enough to place the country on #7. The innocuous pot use is the trouble faced by the Canadians. 44.3% of the British Columbia’s population has used cannabis for at least once in their lives. It is quite notable that the consumption of pot has experienced a significant decrease over last decade, the only alarming facts reported were about the consistency in the age of initiation, averaged around fifteen years. The pot usage reported in 2011 was 39.4% well down form the 44.5% of 2004. The strange policy to decriminalize the individual usage may be the only or only viable option for the government to counter the botheration in a country housing 22,3000 regular pot users.

6. Afghanistan

The most infamous equally lethal of all the drugs has put Afghans on #6 in the lists. 6.9% per capita is telling the story of another war that Afghans have to fight in order to survive. Afghanistan is the leading producer and promoter of infamous poppy opium. A study conducted between 2009 and 2012 showed around 350,000 afghans addicted to the most damaging drug. About 50% of the parents caged in the trouble passed the plague to their offspring. The upsetting statics in the country hit by wars seem never ending; At least one million Afghans citizens are addicted to the most potent toxic which makes nearly 8% of the overall population. The ease of access, limited access to treatment in a country which is consistent on turbulence and trauma created by war are the major factors depressing the country.

5. Russia

With devouring Alcohol at a rate of 7.1% per capita, predominantly vodka is excessively intensifying the Russians to get close to Afghans at least once more. The Alcoholic life style and as said by researcher Prof. David Zaridze “They binge drink! …. that’s the main problem; this is the nation’s lifestyle that needs to change.” The unfortunate and hard to swallow truth is that out of the 25% Russian men who don’t reach their fifty-five are mostly those poisoned by alcohol. Liver disease and accidents under alcohol’s influence are the core factors contributing to the premature death of adults.

4. Slovakia

The solvent abuse is an enormous worry for the country, reaching at #4 because of the toluene, a colorless death to its victim. The inhalants consumed at a percentage of 13.01 per capita. The exact reasons for this unusual high average as compared to the world’s general stats are as unclear as toluene – a thinner like substance causing death of many,most of which are first time users.


France has worryingly the same issue as west by the US. The high usage of 13.02% per capita is giving the story. The ease of access and relative cheap prescription prices than that of America makes the European country more aggravated to the disease. The relatively high prescription abuse shows that a typical medication costs in US around $133 which is no less than $57 in France when exchanged with Euro. Benzodiazepines, buprenorphine and methadone are the most abused medications in the country.

2. UK

The UK corresponds to the Russia but is getting the second rank because of the alcohol consumption rate of 13.65% per capita. Out of 1.6 million solely in England prone to the potent only 6.4% will bother accessing treatment. The Kingdom like Russia is also widely stereotyped as binge drinking country where the culture is widely accepted, however, it is hard to believe that the drink is neither healthy nor innocuous showing a dramatic neutrality as compared to Russia. About 52% of men and 53% of women in the Kingdom drink above than recommended amounts for at least once in the typical week. It is never too late to mend, the nation should now concern about it before the facing averse.

1. Iran

Heroin inhaled and injected at 14.32% per capita is is the root cause that has plagued and infected the revolutionized Islamic Republic from years. Sadly the country bordering Afghanistan is a transshipment point for Southwest Asian heroin to European markets. Over 40% of the prisoners convicted in the country are behind the bars for drug related offenses. The reports show that more than 3,500 police and security officers have lost their lives in the face-offs and expeditions fighting drugs and drug dealers/smugglers. The annual damage done to the national economy is $8.5 billion. The money earned annually in the dirty trade amounts to 10 trillion tourmans as reported by government of Iran. Opium and Heroin are the epidemics that have plagued the country for decades. Maximum drug users in Iran have addiction to opium. Facing the worst sanctions until now the country has very little amounts of money to tackle the trouble. Iran has none of its indigenous or home grown opium, the toxic crop is brought from the neighboring Afghanistan. The reports revealed in 2006 showed that 53% of the opium produced in the drug heaven Afghanistan left the country through Iran. Despite all the difficulties, the nation is leading the fight against narcotics and is the also ranked #1 when it comes to worlds total opium seizures, intercepting and blocking about 85% of the world’s total opium.
The Iranian anti-narcotics force is one of the worlds most active force against drug mafias, seizing about 340 tons of illicit items from year 2009-2010. Increasing the number of cops on southeastern border, enforcing laws and executing those found guilty of drug trafficking has been effective so far. 300 hangings in 2011 were related to drug trafficking on a large scale. According to a report given by Amnesty around 694 people were granted gallows from January 1 to July 15 of the current year (2015) not much less than 743 in 2014. “The number of executions in Iran is high because 74% of those executed are traffickers in large quantities of opium from Afghanistan bound for European markets,” said Mohammad Javad Larijani, head of Iran’s Supreme Council for Human Rights, during a press conference in May 2011. The amount of money allotted to the war against drug is so tiny that the budget for the UN drug office has been increased to just over $13 million in the period of four years. The improved measures such as better border control and others are doing good but still there is miles to done.

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