Which Is The Most Dangerous Country In The World
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Which Is The Most Dangerous Country In The World

Everyone want peace and prosperity in his country but due to dangerous level of terrorism, social crime, rebel activities, our world has become horrible place to live in . Providing guarantee of the life and healthy environment is the basic obligation of state but in some countries, situation is so worst that large criminal groups move freely after brutal killing of innocents people and Intelligence and law enforcement agencies has completely failed to beat threats of high intensity to citizens. Corrupt governance, religious ideology, backwardness, rebel group and economic factors all contribute to make country most dangerous in the world.
The Country Threat Index, published by IntelCenter, a Washington-based company, evaluate level of terrorist and rebel alerts, messaging traffic, videos, photos and homicide rate over the past 30 days. Countries is considered the most dangerous if it scored highest in CTI. The pie chart above shows what percentage of global CTI each of the top 10 nations represent.

Rank Country CTI Score
1 Nigeria 1,145
2 Iraq 569
3 Syria 498
4 France 368
5 Afghanistan 283
6 Somalia 237
7 Yemen 200
8 Pakistan 147
9 Libya 131
10 United States 60

Nigeria ranked as the most dangerous countries in the world, according to IntelCenter’s CTI. Diverse ethno-linguistic groups is the main cause of ehtenic violence. Boko Haram’s movement to replace secular system with Islamic laws also causing religious violence.

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