Which Countries Have The Highest Atheist Population
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Which Countries Have The Highest Atheist Population

Having no religious affiliation is growing across the world and now Atheism, nonbelievers in God, has become third largest global group after Christianity and Islam.  The Countries with the highest population of organic atheism include most of the nations of Europe, Japan, China, Australia while most nations in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, atheism is barely discernible. Healthiest and wealthiest Countries with highest individual and social security, plentiful food distribution, excellent public healthcare, strong gender equality and widely accessible housing have largest population of atheist while poorest nations with highest birth and youth illiteracy rates are most religious and completely lacking non-believers in God.

It is quite difficult to determine exact number of population that doesn’t believe in God due to several factors such as low response rate in survey and reluctance to admit that they do believe in God. Countries with strong democracy and freedom of religion, allow people to openly admit their believes without worrying its consequences, so of course those numbers are likely to be higher. China has the highest amount of atheists living in a single country with nearly 100 million people having no religious affiliation . Below is the list of top ten countries with  the highest atheist population, based on surveys  done in 2004 by zuckerman phil.

Country Total Pop.(2004) % Atheist/Agnostic/Nonbeliever in God (minimum – maximum) Actual Number
China 1,298,848,000 8-14% 103,907,840-181,838,720
Japan 127,333,000 64-65% 81,493,120-82,766,450
Vietnam 82,690,000 81% 66,978,900
Russia 143,782,000 24-48% 34,507,680-69,015,360
Germany 82,425,000 41-49% 33,794,250-40,388,250
France 60,424,000 43-54% 25,982,320-32,628,960
United Kingdom 60,271,000 31-44% 18,684,010-26,519,240
South Korea 48,598,000 30%-52% 14,579,400-25,270,960
Ukraine 47,732,000 20% 9,546,400
United States 293,028,000 3-9% 8,790,840-26,822,520
Source: Zuckerman, Phil. Cambridge Companion to Atheism

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