World's Top 10 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas
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World’s Top 10 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas

Christmas the most celebrated festival around the world. Different nations celebrate this festive season in its own traditions that run over a longer period of time. It is quite difficult to answer how Christmas is celebrated around the World and where would you find the most Christmas spirit in the world? Since it is very diverse events and varies across globe. Many countries with religious diversity don’t officially recognize Xmas but do welcome such festivals. The world’s most famous Christmas festivals are celebrated in European countries. In Central Europe, Christmas Eve is the best day of celebration. Fasting, large feast in evening, church service and then gifts are part of whole day. Sometimes the celebration lasts whole night with most part of day being spent sleeping. Overwhelmingly Christian nations of west enjoy this world’s famous festive season that engages many people across country. It is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the world but unfortunately, in most parts of the world, it has become more a commercial holiday than a religious one. It is now being celebrated in many countries where Christianity is not the religion of the majority of people. There are many differences in the way that Christmas is spirited all over the world but there are also some similarities. Almost in all places a tree is decorated and people left presents under the tree. Such presents varies from country to country. Here is a list of world’s top places where you can celebrate Xmas festival is the best way.

1. Austria

2. Germany

3. London

4. France

5. Rome

6. New York

7. Boston

8. Budapest

9. Brussels

10. Madrid

11. Tallinn

13. Montreal

14. Chicago

15. Alaska

17. Copenhagen

18. Medellin, Colombia

19. Lapland

20. San Francisco

21. Lake Tahoe

22. Vancouver

23. Sydney

24. Philippines

25. Bethlehem

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