Top 10 Countries with Largest Hindu Population
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Top 10 Countries with Largest Hindu Population

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world which is now the third largest dominant religion after Christianity and Islam. Since this religion has no specific binding holy book and prophet, as a result many schools of thought can be seen in Hinduism across the world. Their followers of most pacifist religion don’t preach their beliefs and are allowed to accept any other path for worship. Like many other religions, Hinduism has many dominations but Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Smarthism and Shaktism are main divisions that being followed in different countries all over the world.It is generally taken as truth that Hindus believe in more then one God but the fact is that they believe in one almighty power having no true form and for sake of understanding of God they have many different versions of one true form. They are taught to either pray to one almighty power or to different forms of it.

The adherents of this belief are about 1.1 billion worldwide, residing in many countries of the world. Hindu makes over 13% of the world’s population while its annual growth is 1.52%. Asian Countries are considered home of Hindus where about 98% Hindus reside while Less than 1% of Hindus live outside Asia and the Pacific. Based on Pew Research Center’s Forum, Here we have list of top ten countries with largest number of Hindu.

Top 10 Countries with Largest Hindu Population in the World

Country Estimated 2010 Hindu Population Percentage of country Hindu Population Percentage of World Hindu Population
India 973,750,000 79.5% 94.3%
Nepal 24,170,000 80.7 2.3
Bangladesh 13,520,000 9.1 1.3
Indonesia 4,050,000 1.7 0.4
Pakistan 3,330,000 1.9 0.3
Sri Lanka 2,830,000 13.6 0.3
United States 1,790,000 0.6 0.2
Malaysia 1,720,000 6.0 0.2
Burma (Myanmar) 820,000 1.7 0.1
United Kingdom 800,000 1.3 0.1



India has world’s largest Hindu Population, nearly about 94.30% of the world’s Hindus population lives there. Though it is the most Hindu-populated country, but it is officially secular. About 80.5% of the India’s population of 1.21 billion (2012 estimate) (960 million adherents) is strict believer of Hinduism. So far percentage is considered, Nepal, official Hindu state, has the largest majority of Hindu population in the world.

Source:Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life* Global Religious Landscape, December 2012

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