Which Country has the Highest Muslim Population
Which Country has the Highest Muslim Population
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Which Country has the Highest Muslim Population

Islam has the highest growth rate in the world in terms of conversions. It is the second largest religion of world with approximately  50 Muslim majority countries in the world. Muslims are approximately 23% of the world population. About 25% lives in South Asia, 20% in the Middle East, 15% in Sub-saharan Africa. From 1990 to 2010, Islam increased at an average annual rate of 2.2%. High birth rate and conversion are factors for  the second highest Muslim population in the world.

Top Ten Countries with Highest Muslim Population

Rank Country Total Population Muslim Population
1 Indonesia 237,641,326 204,852,000
2 Pakistan 181,565,000 178,092,000
3 India 1,210,193,422 177,291,000
4 Bangladesh 152,518,015 148,602,000
5 Egypt 82,999,000 80,029,000
6 Nigeria 166,629,000 75,723,000
7 Iran 75,149,669 74,809,000
8 Turkey 74,724,269 74,665,000
9 Algeria 37,100,000 34,785,000
10 Morocco 32,765,300 32,376,000



Indonesia is the country which has highest Muslim population. 88 percent Indonesians are Muslim that makes 12.7% of total Islamic society in the world.

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