Top Ten Halloween Celebrating Countries
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Top Ten Halloween Celebrating Countries

Halloween is one of the most popular festivals celebrated around the globe and everybody is aware of new trend in its celebration. This festival has history that involved ancient Celtic festival of Samhain who used to wear the Halloween costumes as safeguard from ghosts. During the 8th century, Pope Gregory III dedicated the first November for honoring saints and martyrs which later on turned into Halloween. This festival has spread around the world and got popularity in every culture,  presently being celebrated in most countries of the world. It has history that is only linked with Ireland and now it has spread all across the world in different way. It is one of World’s oldest holiday which is celebrated in different ways from solemn remembrance ceremonies of martyrs and putting on a costume and enjoying everything that scares. It is celebrated on the 31st October of every year. It has become one of the most massive consumer holidays in the United States. – The spiritual value as well as religious roots of the holiday is preserved in every culture, in several shape, in most countries around the world. Halloween, one of the world’s oldest holidays, derived from ancient festivals and religious rituals, is still celebrated today in a number of countries around the world. People honors deceased family members while adults and children completely indulge in the Halloween holiday while costume parties, trick-or-treating, pranks and games make this day more entertaining. Different countries have significant difference in their traditions and customs; here we are going to let you know which countries celebrate the Halloween festival the most.

Rank Halloween Celebrating Countries Capital City
1. United States Washington DC
2. Ireland Dublin
3. Canada Ottawa
4. England London
5. Mexico Mexico City
6. Sweden Stockholm
7. Austria Vienna
8. Belgium Brussels
9. Germany Berlin
10. Netherlands Amsterdam

It is extensively celebrated festival but United States and Canada celebrates this great festival with best spirit where it got highest level of popularity. Every year, 65% of Americans adorn their homes and offices on this occasion. Sale of candies also goes high while total sales are second highest on this occasion  after Christmas.

Last Updated : December 28, 2014

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