Top 10 Internet-Censored Countries
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Top 10 Internet-Censored Countries

Internet is the most useful invention of modern era but today it is getting polluted with lots of rubbish content and services that needs to be censored at any cost to have beneficial usage. Most countries have highest internet censorship to control what can be accessed, viewed or published on the web. The concerned authorities are making full effort to block websites of inappropriate contents and services that are not only posing threat to group of individual but also to the whole country. Many communities demand censorship on the basis of culture, religion and moral value.. In some countries, media and internet are censored during regime of the dictators, and punishment is given to person on uploading any undesired information to the personal websites.

Censoring internet is inevitable to stop damaging affect of advanced IT sector. The level of censorship varies from country to-country. While the most democratic countries have minimum internet censorship while the other countries have put strong restriction on access websites. Following is a list of top 10 countries where online data is highly censored and can expose you to high risk if you do some trick to access what is prohibited. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, several Asian countries and the Middle East areas are recognized as highly- censored  access on large scale. Tale a look of top 10 internet-censored countries, based on CPJ report:

1. North Korea
Government exercises full control over all websites. About 4% of the population enjoys internet access.

2. Burma
Authorities apply highest internet censorship on e-mails and block access to websites that violate human rights or against interest of government.

3. Cuba
Internet can only be accessed through government controlled “access points” that keeps eyes on activities through IP tracking, keyword blocking and search history. The country has lowest ratio of the computers per capita in the Latin America.  Only pro-government users are allowed to publish information on the web.

4. Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is also amongst the highly-censored internet countries where about 400, 000 sites couldn’t be access in the country, especially sites that discuss politics, social values or religions that is contrary to Islamic teaching and induce monarchy.

5. Iran
Every person who wants to launch website is required to register at the Ministry of Art and Culture. Those that make statement against mullahs, who run the country, are harassed and jailed. High censoring is being applied throughout the country and sites that contain content against religion and mullahs are blocked immediately.

6. China
China has the highly censored internet system in the world. The authorities filter queries, stop websites and removes inappropriate material, changing search related to Taiwan independence or the Tiananmen Square massacre to stuff in the interest of Communist Party.

7. Syria
Syrian authorities arrest any blogger who make statement against government or any sort of opinions that are considered harmful to national unity. Furthermore, the websites that are pointing out evils of the government are also blocked immediately. Cybercaf├ęs are required to inquire all their users for identification and keep record of time of use and submit all record to the concerned authorities on demand.

8. Tunisia.
All Internet service providers in Tunisia are required to provide all information related IP addresses and personal details of all bloggers to the government. Highest internet censorship blocks inappropriate contents and keep eyes on e-mails. All online traffic goes through a central network under instant watch.

9. Vietnam
The Communist Party asks Yahoo, Google and Microsoft to disclose information related to all bloggers who use their medium to publish data on internet. It stops access to websites criticizing government, as well as those websites that speak for promoting democracy, prevalence of human rights and religious liberty.

10 . Turkmenistan
Government is the only Internet service provider in the country, blocking access to numerous WebPages and keeps record of all e-mail accounts in Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. A little attempt that violates the high censorship can result in severe punishment.

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