Top Ten Beef Producing Countries in the World
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Top Ten Beef Producing Countries in the World

Beef is very healthiest diet, packed with high concentration of iron and noted amount of healthy fats that are important to human functions. In some part of world people like meat and dislike vegetables and demand for beef is getting high especially in fast food. Most typical agricultural export goods of the countries have been tough to place on the world market at cheap prices. These concerns have caused authorities to look for other exportable products, and beef is surely one that offers a appealing potential. Live stock industry is the key source of income for beef producing countries where thousands of cow yards are allocated for its production and fulfilling domestic needs.  World demand for meat is growing more rapidly than production in both developed and developing nations. By feeding high-energy rations to young animals, high quality meat is produced. There is no significant specialized growing-finishing beef industry in the developing countries. Non-specialized production is just fulfilling low internal demand for meat because mostly it is seen that livestock-keeping communities are apart from the general run of country development. Implementing scheme of intensive growing and finishing on a large scale in advanced nations results in rapid expansion of its production and now in top beef producing countries, specialized beef-fattening industry has been developed to cope with international demand and earning foreign reserves.

Top Ten Countries with Largest Beef Production

Rank Country Production in (Million MT) 2014
1. United States 11.23
2. Brazil 9.92
European Union 7.58
3. China 5.76
4. India 4.00
5. Argentina 2.90
6. Australia 2.24
7. Mexico 1.82
8. Pakistan 1.67
9. Russia 1.38
10. Canada 1.02

The United States is the world’s largest producer of beef that accounts for roughly 19% of the global production. Brazil holds second position in top ten ranking of countries by production which accounts for 17% of world’s beef.

Last Updated : December 28, 2014

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