Top Ten Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed
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Top Ten Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed

Internet is one of the great inventions that have made this world a global village that is now being used by people of every country for social and business purposes. Global average internet connection speed is continually getting fast with advancement in technology. Highest speed internet or sometimes called broadband has made possible what was looking impossible before in the world of web. Now Fastest connection has become an important need of all countries since it satisfies people with numerous modern services related to every field whether it is schooling, banking, eCommerce,  entertainment or socializing, this versatile invention assists people in performing numerous tasks quickly and effortlessly with few clicks. With fastest connection, you can easily make video call without any interruption, watch movies online without waiting for buffering, do purchases online  and check your bank account balance while seating at home. High speed internet access carries many benefits than satisfying your impatience, much faster than dial-up, brings a lot of positive advantages to the whole country.   Akamai, a cloud services provider published their “State of the Internet Report” with statistics from information collected first quarter of 2014.  Based on its report, here we have list of top ten countries with the fastest internet speeds in the world. While looking fastest connection around the world, you may surprise that United States, the pioneer of internet, fails to impress.

Top Ten Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed.

Rank Country Avg. connection speed (Mbit/s)
1. South Korea 23
2. Japan 14.6
3. Switzerland 12.7
4. Netherlands 12.4
5. Latvia 12.0
6. Sweden 11.6
7. Czech Republic 11.2
8. Finland 10.7
9. Ireland 10.7
10. United States 10.5

South Korea has world’s fastest internet speed, beating all other countries with average speeds of 23 Mbit/s, double than in the United States.


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