Top 10 Countries that Consume the Most Fish
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Top 10 Countries that Consume the Most Fish

Fish is the best source of high-quality protein and carries most nutritional vitamins and fat content, all of which are essential for the wholesome performance of the body system. Aquaculture has also had a significant role in fulfilling need of most countries, particularly in Asia, with significant stock of freshwater species, which are mostly used for domestic consumption .Its demand varies among segments of society due to differences in consumer preferences, availability, product developments, prices and disposable income. There are sizeable variation in fish consumption between the industrialized and the less-developed countries.Per capita consumption in higher-income nations is highest in the world and is anticipated to grow in near future. Increased earnings and the resulting diversification of diets are ultimately causing a shift towards considerably higher fish consumption in developing countries. Growing countries of East and Southeast Asia are also showing a shift toward higher consumption due to increase in purchasing power. Based on FAOSTAT report, here is the list of top ten countries that consume the most fish per head .

Rank Country Fish Consumption Per Capita (2011)
1. Iceland 90.1
2. Malaysia 58.1
3. South Korea 58.1
4. Portugal 56.8
5. Japan 53.7
6. Norway 53.4
7. Lithuania 43.4
8. Spain 42.4
9. Finland 35.6
10. France 34.6

Iceland has World’s highest per capita fish consumption in the world.

Source : Faostat

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