World's Top Ten Democratic Countries
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World’s Top Ten Democratic Countries

Free and fair elections and public freedom of expressing opinion are most vital elements for democracy, but not enough for a full democracy. In today’s world, country’s elections system, voter’s security, foreign influence on government and power of civil servants to enforce law are all taken into account for determining quality of democracy. Transparent election, equal political participation and a supportive political culture are required to its build a strong roots, and if once it is built then it also need protection to be last ever otherwise  it again start running on the ways to dictatorship. Most countries are unable to maintain best and strongest democratic systems for a longer term and it seems that growth of such system is quite impossible because of political infighting, decreasing political participation, sacrifice of civil liberties and domination of technocrats. European countries are most Democratic, occupying most spots on the top ten list. About 15 % of countries are getting fruits of full democracy and roughly a third of the world’s nations are being run under authoritarian regimes. Fortunately, it isn’t wrong to say that 50 % world lives under a democracy of some sort.

The Economist Intelligence Unit ranks the world’s democracies using a variety of criteria and assists business leaders plan for grasping opportunity, strengthening them to take action with confidence while taking strategic decisions. This rankling of a country’s democracy is not only considers level of freedom but also take into account political capabilities to work on nonpolitical issues of society, such as economic health, gender equality, knowledge and environmental quality. Bases on its report, here is the list of top ten most democratic countries in order to further shed some light on our topic.

World’s Top Ten Most Democratic Countries: Democracy Index 2013

Source : Economist Intelligence Unit

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