Top Countries with Biggest Market in Box Office Revenue
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Top Countries with Biggest Market in Box Office Revenue

Entertainment and fun has always been the most soothing matters for anyone in the world. These not only give them pleasure but also enable them to relax their tension stressed minds. There are huge choices which anyone could choose for entertainment. The biggest one of them is considered to be the film industry which delivers entertainment as well as a moral lesson. The film industry of any country not only entertains local and foreign viewers but also plays a significant and vital role towards increasing country’s economy to a high level. Total revenue generated by movies is utilized in their national treasuries which increases the economical health of the nation. This industry comprises of several sectors like film studios, film companies, cinematography, screen writing, film festivals, pre and post productions, distributions, directors, producers and the crew. These all merge up to release newly made film based on various ideas and concepts. The film industries are mostly famous in the world specially Hollywood (American) and Bollywood(Indian) which are the biggest and strongest, beating all others in releasing the new movie based on facts and realities presenting fine moral lessons.

Different countries have dominated the box office market in various years. One after the other, they continued to shift positions. Probably the American film industry is considered to be the most famous and rich among all others. Though it is true but from the recent statistics of 2014, some other countries have defeated the Hollywood in box office market which are listed below. Surprisingly, China leads the list of countries as biggest earner in film industry. Their total box office revenue reaches up to 4.8 billion US$ which is from every aspect, a great addition towards national treasury.

Rank Country Total Box Office Revenue (In Billion US$)
1 China 4.8
2 Japan 2
3 France 1.8
4 United Kingdom 1.7
5 India 1.7
6 South Korea 1.6
7 Germany 1.3
8 Russia 1.2
9 Australia 1
10 Mexico 0.9

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