Countries Accepting Most Refugees in the World
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Countries Accepting Most Refugees in the World

Every year a large number of refugees moved from countries of Asia and Africa to other parts of the world to get rid of ongoing civil wars and regional strife in their own country.  Refugees are mostly forced to leave their homeland as they are facing huge fear because of his race, religion, nationality or owing to a member of particular social and sometime political group.  People over the world are facing hard times even in the wake of international and national turbulence. The instability is greatly developed because of man’s lust for power and a tendency to rule and bring others under control. This bent to dominate the world is causing the most unrest that eventually  forcing masses of any country  to seek refuge in the peaceful lands across the world.

In the total of worlds population of     7,273,400,000 there is a refugee population of 10,395,553 with  700 natives per refugee, according to report from United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Jordan is the most generous country of the world in this regard who accepted most refugee of around 2,485,65o while Pakistan and Lebanon stood at 2nd and 3rd place who welcomed and gave shelter to 2.3 million and 1.8 million refugees respectively. Here is a list of 20 countries with most refugee populations in the world as per UNHCR – Global Trends Report.

Rank Country Total Population Refugee Population Natives per Refugee
1. Jordan 6,316,001 2,485,650 3
2. Pakistan 182,490,722 2,311,750 79
3. Lebanon 4,224,000 1,172,753  4
4. Turkey 71,517,100 1,633,560  44
5. Syria 21,906,000 1,254,634 17
6. Iran 74,196,000 996,468 74
7. Kenya    39,802,000 650,610 70
8. Germany 82,046,000  571,685 144
9. Chad 11,206,000 366,494 31
10. People’s Republic of China 1,374,110,000 301,018 4565
11. Ethiopia 79,221,000 288,844 274
12.   United States 321,921,000 264,763 1216
13. Bangladesh 162,221,000 229,669    706
14.   Yemen 23,580,000 214,740 110
15. France[8] 65,073,482 210,207 310
16. Venezuela 28,456,383 202,022 141
17. United Kingdom 61,634,599 193,510 319
18. India 1,262,010,000 185,118 6817
19.   Canada 33,476,688 164,883 203
20.   Dem. Rep. of Congo 66,020,000 152,749 432


In the last year or so the Syrian refugees are the most talked about folks in the world referring to the escalation and violence prevailing in the country. More than four million Syrian refugees have fled the country to escape from the brutalities of civil war. The poor people after being forced to leave their homeland are now seeking refuge from neighboring Middle Eastern regions of Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. Out of the mighty influx of 4.1 million registered Syrian refugees most have taken refuge in the neighboring countries. Turkey has taken up most of them that amount to 1,938,999, Lebanon with second highest of 1,113,941 and Jordan been third allowing a shelter to total of 629,266 Syrians. Iraq is taking pity for as much as 249,463 and Egypt being at 5th is a home to 132, 375 war-torn refugees but still there are hundreds of thousands looking for more distant but safe and stable countries for their lives. From 2011 onward the number of Syrian citizens seeking shelter and refugee is increasing by every passing day. On September 2015 the European Union has approved to take 120,000 Syrian refugees itself but still there are scores of thousands waiting for the approval of the other developed countries of Europe and America. In this regard Southern Europe has taken great initiative to accommodate the asylum seekers.

Germans are never hesitated to take the bulk share of asylum seekers with announcing to take requests of 98,700 Syrians. As said by Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel that the country could be having over 800,000 applications out of which only 500,000 could be satisfied at best.

Sweden is the second one – close to Germans – urging the others with accepting 64,700 requests. The country has a history of accepting refugees. The 84,000 refugees from Balkans were taken by the country in 1990s.

France is going to take 6,700 and 24,000 more over next two years.

United Kingdom has also shown willingness to accept 7,000 and is committed to take up 20,000 more in the next five years. Denmark and Hungary, are taking 11,300 and 18,800 respectively.

North America, Canada and Australia have also given space to the resettlement of the refuge seekers with 1500, 10,000 and 12,000 respectively.
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