The 10 Countries With The Most Cars
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The 10 Countries With The Most Cars

The need to travel is increasing rapidly in today’s modern era. Ranging from longer distances to short, people prefer to travel by car rather than the local transport in most of the countries in the world. People have bought passengers according to their affordability and budget. The existences of more motor vehicles add a reasonable hurdle in the overall public transport business as the people with their personal conveyance would never travel by public transport. The presence of surplus passenger cars not only adds to the economical health of the nation but also presents a positive impression of their rapid development. Apart from the contribution towards national economy, the possession of own passenger vehicle brings a sigh of relief to one as it is their best companion in emergency cases. Whatever kind of weather outside is, travelling by personal conveyance would save you from getting wrecked by bad weather too. There are numerous countries in the world which are famous for having most cars per capita. All of those names can’t be mentioned but the top 10 of them are tabulated below along with their highest number of passenger cars.

Rank Country passenger cars per 1,000 people
1 San Marino 1,139
2 Liechtenstein 744
3 Monaco 729
4 Luxembourg 667
5 Iceland 646
6 Puerto Rico 629
7 Italy 605
8 New Zealand 597
9 Malta 595
10 Lithuania 565

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