Top 10 Countries With the Most Beautiful Women in the World
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Top 10 Countries With the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Beauty belongs to women that not only attract but also distract men and makes them crazy. Women are all around us but the most beautiful one will leave our feeling as amazing as never before. You may find good looking faces everywhere in the world but some countries are widely popular for good looking people and really stand out in beauty race. Based on common men choices, here are top ten countries with most beautiful women in the world
God has blessed Venezuelan with prettiest beauty that attract million of hearts. Their women put life in many beauty contests and have won Miss Universe and Miss World titles. The country is most occupied with long slim body that add grace to their beautiful faces making them the most gorgeous in the world

Colombia has some of the prettiest and very attractive women in the world. This country have plenty of alluring faces with naturally tanned skinned and stunning eyes. Their wise and gentle attitude make them more lovely especially when we talk about factors other than beauty such as honesty and family orientation, Colombian women are considered the best.
India has produced number of the good looking females who have earned great admiration in miss universe contest every year and grab attention of all beauty experts. Femininity and modest etiquette with dusky complexion and radiant skin make Indian women really stand out in beauty race and provide plenty of choices to men seeking beautiful women across the country.
Argentinean women mostly keep themselves up-to-date with latest fashions which add more grace to their dusky and shiny skin. Here you can find plenty of hottest and good looking women who always care about their beauty and stay compose in all condition of life.
Slavic and Mediterranean heredity combined to bless men with the most beautiful women who can make you fall at very first sight. The country is full of  good height, sexy curvy figure and glowing eyes that make men crazy to cross every limit to hold them in arms. Their good looking feature is so enchanting that sometime ignites jealousy in celebrities.

South Korea
Medium height with cuteness on the faces makes women of South Korea look young and the most beautiful. Flawless skin, fair complexion, black hair and curvy figure caught attention of men not only across country but also across the whole world.
France is the land of romance where women stay tuned with fashion and pay much attention to their beauty to remain the most beautiful lady so to be caught by fashion industry. Attractive ladies go out of their way to make friends and to be sociable while keeping their relation scared and romantic.
If you want to see the prettiest Mediterranean women, then you should pay visit to beautiful country Italy where olive tanned skin add fascinating grace to brunette and blonde beauty. They always dress nicely to stay compose and prepossessing that make them confident and bold.
Brazilian women is not only the most beautiful but also physically fittest in the world. They have sporty look, medium complexion with glowing skin that all together make them the gorgeous ladies in the world. Their attractive look can make you gone maid so be at distance from them to avoid any distraction of mind while visiting this country .

Eastern and Western beauty features are getting together in Russian to be perfectly called the prettiest women of the world. The country is fully packed with fascinating blue eyes, high cheekbones, flawless faces, ideal height and proportional bodies that make them confident to show off their the most beautiful features to allure any men of the world.
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