Top 10 Most Intelligent Countries in the World
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Top 10 Most Intelligent Countries in the World

Countries with brainiest people are most blessed but the survey on intelligence level always gone controversial and people start challenging the method of ascertaining. To some extent we connect IQ with genetics and sometime with education and wealth but no doubt it is consider as the biggest asset of nation. Studies revealed that wealthiest countries with highest GDP are more packed with highest average IQ. Further nation, leading world in technology and engineering, are smarter than other which are lacking education. Ranking countries based on highest IQ is quite impossible so it is wise to take this ranking with grain of salt and take it for entertainment not for purely informative purposes. Find out which nations are the brainiest of all with our list of the countries with highest average IQ!

1. Hong Kong
Hong Kong is not a country in its own right but warrants inclusion simply for having gained the unequaled highest average IQ. It is ranked first in global survey in highest IQ with average score of 107. Specialize in mathematics and sciences, the Chinese administrative part is blessed with most intelligent and hardworking people. Having over 1,000 educational institutes established to serve a total of 7.1 million inhabitants which take this country to the top spot in intelligence too.
2. South Korea
Just behind the Hong Kong by one point deficit in overall average IQ score, South Korea is at second spot, with most smartest people, having IQ score of 106. Globally famous for outstanding internet speeds in the world, the South Korean nation is another one blessed with ultimate IQ level. The country is also famous for its strict and disciplined educational scheme which require a student to study for at least 14 hours.
3. Japan
Being and excellent and super advanced in technology and electronics, Japan is at third place with average highest IQ Score of 105 and literacy rate of 99%. The excellence in mathematics and sciences has made this country a giant in technology advancement. The famous University of Tokyo is among the top high ranked universities in the world which makes it clear the strictness and standard in education there.
4. Taiwan
Another smartest state of Republic of China known as Taiwan is at 4th spot with average IQ score of 104. The Taiwanese students are the ultimate hardworking towards their studies and for that they also take extra coaching as well as also focus keenly towards learning and speaking English. Due to that, Taiwan and USA are a big trade partners. The determination and devotion clearly shows their intentions and ability to compete on every platform.
5. Singapore
Probably the first Asian country to secure top spot with highest IQ levels, Singapore holds the 5th spot with IQ score of 103. The high percentage of GDP that is $270 billion clearly shows their independence in financial terms and that makes the Singaporean government spend more on other departments especially education. Owing to that, Singaporean students are therefore highly efficient and most intelligent in education which ranks them high in the world.

6. Netherlands
The strictness of compulsory education for at least 12 years is the factor that makes the Dutch nation ranked as sixth smartest country . The education system of Netherlands is ranked at 9th position by OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). With sixth highest average IQ score of 102, Dutch students hold a fine and strong name in the student community around the world. The strict rules and their implementation toward education sector in Netherlands is the factor that makes them famous among the countries with best education system.

7. Italy
Being historically rich and famous, Italian nation is on par with Netherlands at highest average IQ score as 102. The Roman Empire, Renaissance and Regnum Italicum eras have made Italy’s history so much rich and famous. The country is crawling with the genius and smartest artists, poets, writers, painters and sculptors which explain their IQ proficiency to a fine extent. Some famous historic personalities of Italy include Leonardo Da Vinci, Dante Alighieri, Galileo Galilei and Michelangelo.
8. Germany
Being the strongest economic powerhouse in European continent, Germany dominates the 8th spot with most intelligent people after being blessed with one of the oldest and historic universities in the world. The famous Heidlberg University has won 55 Nobel prizes and is being ranked at 50th best university by QS World University Rankings. Having average IQ score as highest as 102, the Deutsch nation is one strong economic and highly educated in the world.

9. Austria
A small landlocked country sharing border with Switzerland, Germany and Italy, Austria is on par with 3 others at average score of 102. Austria, Netherlands, Germnay and Italy are on same IQ level and score but they are alphabetically arranged in the list. One interesting fact about Austria is that the education is given free of cost for at least 9 years as well as at some higher education levels.
10. Switzerland
Globally renowned for outstanding watches and banks, Swiss nation is at 10th spot with highest average IQ score of 101 but a slightly better education system than the others. The literacy percentage for tertiary education there is amazingly at high level which makes it one of the most well educated and smartest country in the world.
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