The 10 Countries with the Cleanest Air in the World
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The 10 Countries with the Cleanest Air in the World

Ever interested to know which are the ten countries with the cleanest air in the world? You may either be interested to learn it to establish relationship between cleanliness and health or merely seeking to know which countries produce least smokes or contribute the least to global warming. According to the World Health Organization, which published report on the global air quality of each country based on various factors such as low population density and strict regulations on air pollution, countries with highest percentage of forest have cleanest air since forests act as natural air filters. Similarly least populated nations have cleanest air in the world since they require least production and traveling services as result least smoke produced there. Countries with the cleanest air in the world are all those which have best quality of life too because cleanest air largely contributes to a higher standard of living.
Clean and hygienic environment is an essential matter for a perfect and healthy life. Cleaner the environment better will be the human health. It is often observed that the existence of industries, factories with chimneys and other production structures is the main reason behind the huge air pollution which leads to various incurable diseases. Various countries in the world have taken positive steps to decrease the air pollution to a lowest level by implementing tougher regulation on industries and really outranked other nations in air cleanliness.
Here we have tabulated a list below which will guide you in knowing about the countries with least air pollution according to PM 10 Air Quality Index by World Health Organization (WHO) in 2015. PM10 represents particles in the air that we consider pollution which might be smoke, dirt, mold, pollen etc. The countries with cleanest air are those which scored least at Annual Mean PM10 (ug/m3). As according to PM10 Air Quality Index, Estonia is the cleanest country with least air pollution index of just 11.

Rank Country Annual Mean PM10 (ug/m3) Above/Below of World Average of 71ug/m3 Urban Population Coverage
1 Estonia 11 -60 43%
2 Mauritius 12 -59 27%
3 Australia 13 -58 89%
4 Canada 13 -58 78%
5 Ireland 15 -56 21%
6 Bhutan 18 -53 40%
7 Monaco 18 -53 100%
8 USA 18 -53 N/A
9 Luxembourg 18 -53 21%
10 San Marino 20 -52 100%

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