Ten Countries with Least Income Inequality
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Ten Countries with Least Income Inequality

It a need of today‚Äôs world to flatten class divides since lessening economic equality is the best way to boosting up any economy. There are some countries where income inequality is least, which means there is a no significant difference between the top and bottom earners. If everyone earns equal money and allocate them optimally then nothing left unused as a result economy start grooming at faster pace. Some countries are economically equal because everyone is well-off, as in Denmark, and some because most everyone is equally poor. Similarly well settled economies have much lower percentage of income inequality than unstable economies.
GINI index, published by Economic Co-Operation and Development, measures the level of economic inequality across the country. It ascertains how much distribution of income varies from perfect equality. A Gini index of 0 represents perfect equality, while an index of 1 implies perfect inequality. Let’s take a look at some countries that have lowest income inequality.

Countrys GINI Index 2012
Denmark 0.249
Slovakia 0.25
Slovenia 0.25
Norway 0.253
Czech Republic 0.256
Iceland 0.257
Finland 0.26
Belgium 0.268
Sweden 0.274
Austria 0.276

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