Countries With The Most Number Of Public Holidays
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Countries With The Most Number Of Public Holidays

Every business man needs to know public holidays of each country to successfully plan his meetings and tours across the world.  So while planning your next meeting in another country to make the most of it, you must know the number of days publicly announced as holidays. This figure is equally important for all people who are moving to other country as workers since this will give them the whole picture of working mindset and labor policies.

Travel search site Wego which reveals the countries around the world with the most public holidays but it is quite difficult to figure out the exact number of public holidays since it change every year and sometime its depend on cultural or religious events while occasionally leave the final decisions to local governments however the overall world map shows that the event of Christmas involve most holidays worldwide than any other event that why people wait for whole year for this event to come.

According to report, workers in India enjoy the most public holidays so if you intend to enjoy more leisure time, then we advise you to move to India. It topped the ranking with 21 public holidays. Interestingly you can enjoy much more than 21 days in some states of India.

In the Asia/Pacific countries, Philippines and china follow with 18 and 17 holidays respectively.

Australia and New Zealand  far behind with just 10 national holidays.

In Europe Sweden and Lithuania are most generous countries in this regard which offering the most at 15 holidays, followed by 14 in Slovakia, 13 in Austria, Belgium and Norway, and 12 in Finland and Russia while Spain and UK are not giving much public holidays to its workers and just eight days are allowed to enjoy.

Mexico is the least generous country in this  regard which only offers  least public holidays of seven days each year.
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