Top Ten Countries Earning Most from Tourism
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Top Ten Countries Earning Most from Tourism

A temporary escape from daily grind for entertainment is the good idea for spending leisure time. Craze of traveling around the world for exploring history, cultures, nature and architectural works is increasing day by day. Tourism has now become a major source of refreshment which brings foreign exchange earning into destination countries, provides employment to the citizens and promotes social interaction throughout the world. It has effects on the living standard, educational, social, cultural and economic sectors of a most visited countries. Improvements in technology has made it much quicker and easier than before as a results 30% of the world’s trade of services is accounted for it. It is considered an effective tool for earning foreign reserves for which many countries are trying to foster tourism to achieve favorable balance of payment. According to the World Tourism Organization report, top 10 countries earning most from tourism in the world for the year 2013 are listed below.

Top Ten Countries Earning Most from Tourists/Tourism

Rank Country International Tourism Receipts
(Billion Dollars)
1. United States 139.6
2. Spain 60.4
3. France 56.1
4. China 51.7
5. Italy 43.9
6. Thailand 42.1
7. Germany 41.2
8. United Kingdom 40.6
9. Australia 30.9
10. Turkey 27.9



United states has largest tourism industry in the world with international tourist receipts of 139.6 billion dollar and over 167.9 million international visitors. Times Square, Central Park, Golden Gate Bridge are most visited destination of US. In 2013, New York City is the biggest earners on tourism worldwide. It is earning most from amusement parks, museums, historical buildings and landmarks.


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