Top 10 Most Visited Countries in the World
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Top 10 Most Visited Countries in the World

In the current era, growth of tourism industry is very vital for economy of any country of the world. Most countries are paying special attention to perverse their most visited tourist destination in order to attract international visitor.If any country is most visited, it can easily earn foreign reserves which is very important for maintaining favorable balance of payment. Development in transportation technology has made touristic activities more quick , consequently, craze of traveling around the world is increasing rapidly. Now people see at tourism as good way for spending leisure time and purpose of traveling are becoming more diverse such as exploring natural structures, architecture work, cultures, business, education and religion. Theme parks, Museums, historic places and water streams are most visited places in the world. Most visited spot are considered asset of the nation which raise employment level of adjoining areas and has direct impact on living standard of masses. According the World Tourism Organisation report, here we have list of world’s top 10 most visited countries based on the number of international tourist arrivals for every country.

International Tourist Arrivals (Million)
Rank Country 2012 2013
1. France 83.0
2. United States 66.7 69.8
3. Spain 57.5 60.7
4. China 57.7 55.7
5. Italy 46.4 47.7
6. Turkey 35.7 37.8
7. Germany 30.4 31.5
8. United Kingdom 29.3 31.2
9. Russian Federation 25.7 28.4
10. Thailand 22.4 26.5



Which country is most visited by tourists ?
France continues to top the ranking of popular destination in the world for tourism. The country is the European travel dream which was visited by 83 million people in 2012 but they didn’t spend as much time and money in France as in parts of world. Majority of them are from European countries, stayed for a few days or a week. Disneyland, The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, The Georges Pompidou centre and museum of art, Château de Versailles, Orsay museum are top most visited places. Famous wine, historic cities, rich culture, beautiful coastal area, night-life, beaches, fashion shows and countryside attracts tourist from neighboring countries. It has 37 places which are in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.


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