The 10 Best Countries In The World For Living Abroad
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The 10 Best Countries In The World For Living Abroad

It is the dream of every human being in this world to live a happy, luxurious and comfortable life. To live a more prosperous life, one has to move to another country if he is not satisfied with the current residential environment. Lots of factors are counted when it comes to spending a comfortable life in abroad. Whenever anyone thinks of settling down somewhere else for a better life, they may get confused over which country to choose for making life happiest. Of course, it is indeed the fact that every person would prefer to live in a abroad where all the facilities of life are available at lowest possible cost. A country with the ability to provide affordable education, safer environment, lower rate of unemployment, abundance of resources, smooth social environment, better health and medical facilities, corruption free surroundings and better happiness would surely get attention from the seekers. These are the factors that decide whether a country is an excellent place to live in or not. Given below is a list of probably the top ten countries with best options for living abroad according to the World Happiness Report brought on by UN General Assembly in 2015.

1. Denmark
As per report, The Danish nation is named as the best country to live in since its corruption-free, stable and safer. Zero crime rates have been reported in Denmark which proves the safer surroundings. High proportion of women is working as professionals as compared to other nations. About 79% of the total women there are working to earn their livelihood. Medical and health facilities are also quality guaranteed in Denmark.
2. Norway
Norway is considered as the best country in terms of proper health and medical. They have the largest oil producing units which contribute greatly towards its economical growth. Fresh air, healthier food, clean environment and good education system all collectively make norway the best country to live in.
3. Switzerland
According to the Environmental Performance Index, Switzerland has been ranked on top due to its pure devotion and hard work in making the environment the cleanest in the world. One must consider this country as best place to live in abroad. Though it is the most expensive place, but the assurance of better health, safety, trust and quality life are the factors which make the Swiss a preferable option for spending happiest  life in abroad. The exporting of chemical, petroleum and existence of Multi-national firms have made Switzerland one of the wealthiest countries in the world.
4. Netherlands
One of the most heavily populated countries, the Dutch state is also the best option to live in for happier life as it provides lowest crime rates, better health and educational facilities, peaceful community and clean environment. The social harmony creates the kind of surroundings which surely provides a happy and better life to live in. The main source of income of Netherlands is based upon agriculture and foodstuffs but other sources like exporting of chemical, machineries, electrical supplies, tourism and foreign investments also add quite reasonable amount to their national treasury.
5. Sweden
Sweden is the third largest country in Europe in terms of land mass area and 5th one in best option to live in abroad with bunbles of happiness due to some quite attractive living facilities. In professional field, the person will get about sixteen months of parental leaves along with various other facilities like easy and affordable education, better health and medical and fresh environment. It is probably the best place for women to live in as their complete safety is assured there.

6. Finland
Finland is globally renowned for its outstanding education and learning system. One can expect the literacy rate of 100% there due to superb education system and devoted teachers, professors and tutors. Finland is the first and only country to allow the right to vote to every adult resident as well as women too. Excellent health, medical, education, transport facilities and quality life are the factors making Finland the best option for living in abroad.
7. Canada
With highest per capita earnings, Canada is at number 7 which offers the long happiest life with its average life expectancy of  81 years that may convince the seeker in choosing this country with their eyes closed. Facilitated with great health, medical, education, social, environmental and cultural facilities, Canada can be your dream place to live in.
8. Austria
Regardless of its huge population, Austria is indeed, offering great living options to everyone who is seriously considering to spend happiest life in abroad. During the crisis in the year 2009, this country lost just 0.1 % of their economy during that period. This proves that Austria is one of the most prominent and consistent nations in the world which provide the seekers with attractive education, health, environmental, social, cultural as well as wealthy lifestyle options.
9. Australia
It is been observed recently that most people are turning their heads towards Australia just because of its perfect and superb education system as well as easy and happier living options. The country is leading the world in terms of health, wealth, education, quality of life and life expectancy rate. It is indeed one of the safest place to live in.

10. Iceland
Iceland got place in the list of “best countries to live in world 2015. With the score of above 7 in World Happiness Report, Iceland is at number 10 with total literacy rate of 99%. The country runs and maintains Nordic Social Welfare System whose purpose is to provide tertiary education and better health guides to citizens to ensure their perfect grooming. There isn’t any army or security force there because of completely safe and corruption free atmosphere. One can imagine the safety in Iceland by just seeing the banks operating without any police or security personnel. Life expectance rate in Iceland is about 81.3 for women whereas it is 76.4 for men. These factors make Iceland one of the most preferable options to live in abroad with great comfort and and plenty of  happiness.
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