Top 10 Countries with Hottest and Most Beautiful Men
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Top 10 Countries with Hottest and Most Beautiful Men

There is plenty of handsome man across the world, but some countries really stand out in the beauty race so you want to which are the countries that give most number of choices to women seeking hottest and the most beautiful men? It is extremely a challenging task to determine the countries with most handsome men since beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder so one may be hot and beautiful guy for one girl but not for anothers. In today’s world, man is also known and admired for his hottest and appealing look but the number of such hot and handsome man varies in each part of the world so let me pack up the top ten countries where you can find most number of hottest and most beautiful men that providing a lot of options to girls to marry with…. take a look!!

10. Canada

The Canada men find the tenth place in the list of hottest men in the world as they have ideal height and cool look. They always wear trendy fashion and keep their style like a model that make their personality most attractive than men of another country.

9. Italy

Smooth, bronzed skin and sparkling eyes make Italian men equally handsome as women. They are generous, gentle and good lovers that add more grace to their muscular, hot and handsome personality.

8. Spain

Spain, the land of sunshine and beaches has most romantic and beautiful men than any other country. They are very friendly in nature that why each guy is in relationship with more than one girl.

7. United States of America

Any girl will fall for stylish and cool look of American guys that are not only dominating Hollywood but also winning heart of every girl in the world. Their beautiful look can make women crazy while their fashion sense add more grace to their while personality.

6. Germany

Germany is now ranked amongst the fastest growing economies and the reflection of prosperities can be easily observed on the glowing and charming faces of German men. The country has every facilities of life that make people tension free so they can easily engage in self grooming their personality to add more hotness and beauty in their look

5. England

Charming nature, impressive accent, polite behavior and fashion oriented outfits all describe well the hot and beautiful men of England. Their shining look and elegant accent can take heart of any girl. You can find some talented and handsome guy playing in football ground of the country.

4. Austria

Refined and elegant look with great fashion sense make the women crazy about Australian men. They have healthy diet plan and do exercise to get hot and beautiful look that grab the attention of girls all over the world

3. Brazil

Brazil also got place in our list of top ten countries with hottest and handsome guy. Here men are muscular and romantic with smiling face that catches the real attention of girls. They are friendly and focus towards goals in life.

2. Sweden

Slim but hot look of Swedish men make them more handsome than we expected to be. Women can easily fall for decent and beautiful faces of men from Sweden. Not too much stylish but their lifestyle help them to add some different in their whole look

1. France

Cool personality and romantic nature makes French the hottest men for many girls all over the world. Keep their lives more oriented toward their own grooming and make it easy as possible. Always polite and loving in nature make them more beautiful to every girl. Fashion oriented personally and stylish look grabs attention of millions of heart of neighboring European countries.

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