Ten Poorest Countries in the World
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Ten Poorest Countries in the World

Everyone wants his basic daily needs to be fulfilled but there are many poorest countries in the world where large number of people is struggling with scare resources. Most countries of the world identify poverty as a lack of money but poor people themselves think of poverty in much broader angle. Several poorest nations are considered poor so far as wealth is considered but wealth not the only factor to determine how much poor a country is. There are many other factors that need to be accounted while ranking poorest countries of the world. Just focusing on income will not give you actual intensity of poverty since poor person can go through many problems such as worst health or extreme malnutrition, a lack of clean water or electricity or little to no schooling, therefore all such indicators should be focused while preparing list of poorest countries of the world. Basically it is either less natural resources or less human capital  that cause inability to utilize their resources effectively as result most nations fail to feed their population. Due to scare resources, large population is unemployment that leads to hungry for food and vicious circle of poverty start engulfing whole society as result poorest countries start experiencing deprivation of basic needs and low technological development.

High income per capita is nothing if large proportion of people is deprived in basic facilities of health and education so in today’s world we need to look beyond GDP per capita to define poorest Countries of the world such as knowledge, longevity and access to basic resources that clearly define the quality of life and the development of human resources of the country.
The Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) is a tool designed to offer comprehensive picture of poverty level in different areas of a country which take into account multiple deprivations that each poorest person faces such as education, health, nutrition, sanitation, asset ownership and other factors essential for better living standards. It gives complete view of population living in poverty with easy comparison of countries that is considered such better than traditional income-based poverty measures.

According to this report, most of poorest people in the world by MPI live in South Asia, followed by Sub-Saharan Africa. The intensity of poverty is extreme in the countries with the highest proportion of poor.

Below we listed top 10 poorest countries in the world with high poverty rates based on Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI).

Rank Country Multidimensional Poverty Index, winter 2014/2015 (Range 0 to 1) Headcount ratio: % of Population in multidimensional poverty Intensity of deprivation among the poor (Average % of weighted deprivations) % of Population In severe poverty (with intensity higher than 50%) % of Destitutes Proportion of MPI poor who are destitutes
10. Burundi 0.454 80.8 56.2 50.5 39.2 48.6
9. Mali 0.457 77.7 58.9 54.5 49.4 63.7
8. Guinea 0.459 75.1 61.1 54.3 43.8 58.3
7. Guinea-Bissau 0.462 77.5 59.6 55.5 47.0 60.7
6. Sierra Leone 0.464 81.0 57.3 54.7 47.8 59.1
5. Somalia 0.514 81.2 63.3 65.6
4. Burkina Faso 0.535 84.0 63.7 65.7 57.5 68.5
3. Chad 0.554 87.2 63.5 68.3 65.8 75.4
2. Ethiopia 0.564 87.3 64.6 71.1 58.1 66.5
1. Niger 0.605 89.3 67.7 74.3 68.8 77.1

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