Ten Countries with Lowest Renewable Water Resources
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Ten Countries with Lowest Renewable Water Resources

An essential natural resource for every living organism in the world to survive, water is indeed the great blessing of Allah Almighty. A living being can live without eating for short time but they can’t survive without water as it is the most necessary element for the survival of life. Plants, Trees, Human Beings, Animals, Irrigation; everything needs water to survive. The most part of Earth is covered by it but despite that, there are still some countries which aren’t fortunate enough to be blessed with this natural resource. The absence of water resources in those countries have made them unable to develop the agriculture sector and may even face extreme scarcity of food. To mention the names, we have tabulated the data below collected from various sources to let the world know about the countries which have been unlucky to be blessed with water resources.

Rank Country Renewable Water Resources (In Cubic Kilometers) Information Date
1 Brazil 8233 2011
2 Russia 4508 2011
3 United States 3069 2011
4 Canada 2902 2011
5 China 2840 2011
6 Colombia 2132 2011
7 European Union 2057.76 2011
8 Indonesia 2019 2011
9 Peru 1913 2011
10 Democratic Republic of Congo 1283 2011

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