Top Ten Hottest Countries in the World
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Top Ten Hottest Countries in the World

Moderate weather condition is the great blessing for the country that brings numerous economical, psychological and social benefits but when we talk about summer’s weather, it is no doubt a blessing but only for coldest countries where people begs for its arrival. For hottest areas, summer weather is nothing short of hell where average annual temperate is already too high. Elements contributes to overall temperature of an area are pollution and high population density lead but the main reason of hottest weather is the movement of sun over the country. Areas near the equator are the hot because the sun moves over head while areas  near pole find sun movement along horizon. If you are planning to visiting the hottest countries in the world where temperate is  hot and humid throughout the year then this post will surely be of great use to those searching for that. Here we have list of top ten hottest countries having highest temperate all year around. This list doesn’t includes areas where temperate is a only highest in summer. Also keep in mind that the hottest countries differ from the hottest places in the world.

10. Mexico
Mexico stands at 10th place having highest temperature that touches figure of 50 °C on a summer day. People from cold locations visit Mexico to enjoy balmy climate and cool beaches of Mexico.

9. Somalia
This African country is 9th hottest in the world with consistent high temperate year around. Lack of rain and hot weather condition resulted in major droughts and famines. Average temperature hits figure of 50°C.

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