Top Ten Countries With Highest Robbery Rate
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Top Ten Countries With Highest Robbery Rate

Most men have probably had dream of snatching something worth millions once in a lifetime. Fortunately, most of us are rational enough not to follow such dreams but there are some people who aren’t. Today, highest rate of armed robbery is not only threatening habitats but only pose danger signals on foreign investors and tourists of the country since such cases often take life in addition to valuables. During the past decade, robbery has become the most prevalent violent crime committed across the world. Banks, casinos, clubs, hotels and jewelries shop are highly targeted by robbers while public place such as a sidewalk, street, or parking lot are also not safe where criminals freely wonder to steal a car, purse and money by force.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime gather information about highest rate of police-recorded robberies in most affected countries of the world. This figures include muggings (bag-snatching) and theft with violence; excluding pick pocketing and extortion. Due to difference in legal definition of crime and highest percentage of robbery that is not reported in some countries, cross-national comparisons of any data is quite difficult to conduct. Remember, any specified robbery rate does not mean that everywhere in that country retains the same amount of danger or safety since it varies by neighborhoods or areas. Based on UNODC’s latest report, here are top ten countries with highest robbery rate in the world.

Rank Country Rate per 100,000 population (2012) Robberies
1. Belgium 1,728.1 191,126
2. Spain 1,074.9 502,546
3. Mexico 618.0 746,894
4. Costa Rica 521.6 25,066
5. Brazil 493.1 979,571
6. Chile 467.6 81,664
7. Uruguay 454.0 15,414
8. Trinidad and Tobago 331.7 4,436
9. Panama 264.0 10,038
10. Honduras 226.6 17,980
Source : United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Belgium has the highest robbery rate in the world. Brussels airport diamond heist and Antwerp diamond heist happened in Belgium in which robbers snatch $50 million and $118 million of diamonds respectively that are listed amongst world’s biggest robberies in history.

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