Top 10 European Countries by Highest Population
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Top 10 European Countries by Highest Population

Europe is the world’s second-smallest continent that covers about 10, 180, 000 square kilometers which is roughly eight per cent of the Earth’s land area.In other words, it is just two per cent larger in area than Canada. It is the third-most populous continent after Asia and Africa of 733 million people which accounts for 11% of the world’s population.Europe is considered the home of Western culture, specially ancient Greece had its own historical values. The Europe’s Industrial Revolution bring about great change which has had a major influence in culture, economics and social movements in most countries of the world. A century ago, Europe had 25 % of the world’s population that grown afterward at lesser pace than other continent. According to UN , Population of Europe may fall to about 7% of world population by 2050, or 653 million people if growth continue at same rate. Every women of Europe give birth to 1.52 children whereas population growth in countries of Asia and Africa is much higher. Emigration and low birth rates in Central and Eastern countries of Europe may result in steady population decline, according to US report. Today, large populations of European descent are found on every continent. European-derived majorities are present in countries of north and south America. Europe is filing by receiving highest number of migrants than any other country or continent of the world which accounted for almost 85% of Europe’s total population growth. Below we have list of top 10 European countries with highest number of residents to let you know which European state is the most Populous.

Some facts about European countries:

List of Top 10 European Countries by Highest Population

Rank Country Population Date
1. Russia 143,400,000 Apr 1, 2013
2. Germany 80,716,000 Sep 30, 2013
3. France 65,834,000 Jan 1, 2014
4. United Kingdom 64,511,000 Jul 1, 2014
5. Italy 60,782,668 Dec 31, 2013
6. Spain 47,059,533 Jan 1, 2013
7. Ukraine 45,480,315 Jun 1, 2013
8. Poland 38,496,000 Jan 1, 2014
9. Romania 20,121,641 Oct 20, 2011
10. Kazakhstan 17,948,816 July 2014 est.



Russia is the country which has highest population in the Europe. The estimated population of the Russian Federation of April 1, 2013. amounted to 143.4 million people.

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