Top 10 Failed Countries in the World
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Top 10 Failed Countries in the World

It is rising question of today that why some countries prosper and others fails? Deeply flawed political institution that are not in place by mistake but on purpose which mainly focuses on harvesting or extracting natural resources for sale or trade, and very little else, only benefiting elites class, striping their citizens of opportunity, destroying incentives and consequently making growth impossible. During the last half-decade, the Fund for Peace has been publishing failed states index that indicates how stable (or unstable) a country is. Many factors are taken into account while ranking fragile states Such as poor government, social and economic indicators that are exerting pressure on authorities and causing trouble to run public offices. The Failed States Index measures the pressures experienced by countries due to ongoing current issues and are considered at risk of failure. Political, social and economical sector are most focused in this report. Non-provision of public services; extensive corruption and criminality; refugees and rapid population’s growth and sharp economic decline are some key indicators that determine top ten failed countries. The report uses 12 factors to ascertain the ranking of all countries  including security threats, economic implosion, human rights violations and refugee flows.

Top 10 Countries at Risk of Becoming Failed States

Rank Country Failed States Index 2014
1. South Sudan 112.9
2. Somalia 112.6
3. Central African Republic 110.6
4. Congo (D. R.) 110.2
5. Sudan 110.1
6. Chad 108.7
7. Afghanistan 106.5
8. Yemen 105.4
9. Haiti 104.3
10. Pakistan 103

South Sudan is the world’s most failed state, according to the latest annual Failed States Index 2014. Corruption is main problem of the country. According to estimate, about $4 billion of public funds was stolen or unaccounted for by mid-2012 alone. Migration is another problem that is faced by south Sudan. About 170,000 refugees entered during 2012, causes food shortages. Drought and population pressure made condition worse. After liberation, Country is unable to effectively utilize its human capital due to continued tensions over land and resources.


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