Which Country has Highest Currency Value
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Which Country has Highest Currency Value

Value of one country’s currency is determined by purchasing power of its single unit. Countries, having highest currency rate, can purchase most number of goods with its single unit. Sometime countries may impose fluctuation limits on exchange rate to maintain a high purchasing power to import required goods with less of currency to offer. In term of trade, US dollar is the strongest across the world but where value is concerned, there are many countries having currencies more valuable than US dollar. Keep it in mind that high value doesn’t mean better level of investment and economy. Here is list of Countries with highest currency exchange rate in the world.

CURRENCY Country Unit Value against US Dollar
Dinar Kuwait 3.49 $
Dinar Bahrain 2.65 $
Rial Oman 2.60 $
Lats Latvia 1.84 $
Pound United Kingdom 1.62 $
Dinar Jordan 1.41 $
Manat Azerbaijan 1.27 $
Franc Switzerland 1.07 $



Kuwaiti Dinar is the world’s most valuable currency having value equal to 3.49 dollar that means you have to pay 3.49 dollars to buy one Kuwaiti Dinar. West Asian country is rich in oil that leads to high demand of its dinar across the world for oil import purposes which results in highest value. The country got independent and introduced its own currency in 1961 that replaced old gulf rupee and now it ranks as most expensive currency leaving Britain Pound and United States dollar behind. Their monetary system is based on the floating exchange rate system in which the value depends on free market forces.


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