Countries with Cities Receiving Least Sunshine Hours
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Countries with Cities Receiving Least Sunshine Hours

Sunshine Hours refer to the total energy delivered by sunlight in a specific period over a specific location on Earth. It is a climatological factor which indicates the duration of sunshine in a given period of time and tells how cloudy the place is. Usually the sunlight duration is measured in terms of hours per year. One useful benefit of measuring sunlight hours is the characterization of tourist sites to promote and provide ease to the tourists. Besides that, there are limitless benefits of sunlight towards the human health as the vitamins present in sunlight are beneficial and necessary for human body. About 60% of the world is blessed with proper sunshine hours but the remaining 40% is not which leads to some psychological problems in human body. For example, Vitamin E present in sunlight is ultimately necessary for human body but especially the Americans and British people lack this blessing as there are very few sunshine hours there. The Asian continent is especially blessed with most sunshine hours due to its perfect location. The availability of enough sunlight is the key factor in providing the much needed vitamins especially in the winter season when the sun appears mostly after mid day. This is the case with Asian countries but those with least sunshine hours are very much in decline in terms of perfect health and psychological issues in citizens are also observed as they are not lucky enough to be blessed with enough sunlight hours. Below is the table which explains the countries with least sunshine hours.

Rank Country City Sunshine hours per year
1 China Chongqing 1054.9
2 Taiwan Taipei 1405.2
3 Vietnam Hanoi 1466.1
4 China Shanghai 1775.8
5 Hongkong Hongkong 1835.6
6 Japan Tokyo 1876.7
7 Canada Vancouver 1937.6
8 United States Pittsburgh 2021.3
9 Singapore Singapore 2022.4
10 Canada Montreal 2,051
11 United States Anchorage 2061.2
12 South Korea Seoul 2065.9
13 Bangladesh Dhaka 2066
14 Canada Toronto 2066.4
15 Philippines Manila 2103.1
16 India Kolkata 2107.5
17 United States Seattle 2169.7
18 United States Columbus 2182.6
19 Azerbaijan Baku 2207.4
20 United States Cleveland 2280

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