Top 10 Extremely Venomous Snakes in the World
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Top 10 Extremely Venomous Snakes in the World

The world snake does not need any further description as its name is enough to scare anyone. Probably the most feared reptile in the world, Snakes are considered the most dangerous species in wild life that posing serious and worrying threat to the nearby communities. The whole world knows plenty about various venomous species of snakes but the most poisonous are still not recognized among the most people in the world. Given below is a list of world’s most deadly snakes along with their type of venom.
1. Inland Taipan
The incredible and unique one, Inland Taipan is indeed the most venomous snake in the world. Possessing the most toxic poison among all other species, the yielding power of one bit of it is more than enough to kill at least 100 human beings within in a matter of minutes. This is highly venomous relative of the cobra nearly 50 times more poisonous than the cobra snake. But regardless of that, it does not have aggressive nature and owing to that, no human casualty has been recorded yet in the world.

2. Eastern Brown Snake
Probably the most deadliest and fearful snake specie in the world, the Eastern Brown Snake just need a 1/14000 part of its poison to kill an adult human being. They are reported to be more aggressive  and can chase the aggressor to the best possible extent they can. Most populated areas in Australia are surrounded by Brown snakes as they are mainly located there. They instantly react to movements, so beware and stand still if you ever face one in your life.
3. Blue Krait
They are the ones with most rebellious, aggressive nature and are the most venomous among its kinds. Located mostly in Indonesia and South East Asia, the Blue Kraits doesn’t even spare the other snakes. Their venom is neurotoxin which is enough to kill a human being after 6 to 12 hours of its bite. Very rare Krait bites are reported but once bitten; there are very few chances of survival. It is advised to stay far away from it if one is sighted.
4. Taipan
Resembling the Black Mamba in terms of behavior and nature, the Taipan is one venomous snake mostly found in Australia. Its poison in neurotoxin which causes clotting in victim’s blood; leading to the blockage of veins and arteries, killing them within one hour. Before the introduction of antivenin, the human survival rate after Taipan’s bite was zero. But corresponding to the advancements, the survival rate has increased causing the victim to stay in intensive care units (ICUs) for longer periods.

5. Black Mamba
The most feared snake amongst all other venomous species in the world, Black Mamba is indeed the leader in human casualty rate. They are ultimately aggressive, fast and deadly precise towards their target. Even a single bite by Black Mamba can kill at least 10 to 25 humans. They have the ability to strike 12 times at the victim without any loss of precision and aggressiveness. One bite delivers about 100 to 120 mg of venom but they can also deliver up to 400 mg. The victim would face severe conditions like double vision, nephro toxicity, pallor, nausea, paralysis, lost control of muscles, foaming of mouth and nose and various other like these. So beware and stay safe from it.
6. Tiger Snake
Mostly found in the Australian continent, Tiger Snake is another poisonous snake that possesses highly toxic venom with casualty rate of about 60 to 70% prior to the development of antivenin. Before antivenin, the death rate was astonishing 85%. The after effects of its bite include stretchiness in neck region, severe pain in foot, tingling, breathing difficulty, paralysis and sweating. The victim could die within half an hour but it usually takes 6 to 24 hours.
7. Philippine Cobra
Though not many cobras have been able to make it to the top list but Philippines Cobra is one of the world’s deadliest snakes. They also have neurotoxin in their venom and can spit it up to 3 meters of distance. Once bitten by it, the victim dies in half an hour while going through the severe conditions like cardiac toxicity, respiratory problems, diarrhea, severe headache, abdominal pain, vomiting and nausea. The result is due to the attack of venom on muscular system.
8. Vipers
Found mostly in Central Asia and Middle East, Vipers are another extremely poisonous species in the world. The most dangerous and venomous of viper specie are Chain viper and Saw Scaled Viper. They are active, fast and mostly appear after rain. The venom symptoms include severe pain in the bitten area leading to swelling and bleeding in the affected area. Other symptoms include blood pressure problems and heart rate falling. So be sure to keep yourself safe after rain and keep your eyes open.
9. Death Adder
Probably touted to have the highest toxicity, Death Adder is primarily found in New Guinea and Australia. They use to hunt the surrounding snakes whereas their venom reacts very slowly after a proper bite. For that reason, Antivenin is very effective in curing the bite. Venom symptoms include respiration and paralyzing issues. They look a lot like Vipers but with different face size and shape.

10. Rattle Snake
America being the home of rattlesnakes, poses the largest wildlife threat to surrounding countries. They have a rattling tale on their end and possess hemotoxin venom which causes damage to tissues, organs and blood clotting. In older times when antivenin was not invented, death rate was extremely high but after its invention, the death rate has been reduced to only 4%.
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