Which Country has the Most Fighter Aircrafts?
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Which Country has the Most Fighter Aircrafts?

It is a globally recognized fact the abundance of fighting aircrafts serves as a great strengthening factor for overall defense of any country. Jet fighters not only defend a country against air attacks but also play a vital role in defending against the land attacks too. Now every country is not only dreaming of creating maximum number of combat aircrafts but also struggling to revolutionize the air fighting trends with implication of more advance and recent inventions.

Today’s tactical advancements and implementation of new strategies in combat aircrafts are now providing the pilots with easy and most access of complete features at their disposal. Most developed countries are manufacturing astonishing model of the fighter aircrafts with most modern fighting capabilities of engaging targets from both land and air with same precision. Moreover, advanced missiles and scanning system enable today‚Äôs fighter aircrafts to engage and finish off the beyond-vision targets with great accuracy while the rotary cannon performs the task of finishing off the enemies at close range.

The aircrafts used today mostly belong to 4 and 5 generation whose fighting abilities and controls are just fabulous. The most famous jet fighers  of America are the initiator and prodigy of 5th generation of fighter aircrafts around the world that stimulate other countries to produces . Owing to that, 4th generation fighting planes are comparatively cost effective and also capable of  giving better performing in the battles. Various competitors from various countries have arisen to compete the genius F-22 Raptor and they are doing good enough to stand aside with the Raptor. Of course it would be no surprise for anyone that America has the largest fighter aircraft power in the world having massive number of them. Below is the table which will guide you in knowing the countries which have manufactured highest number of fighting jet to attain world’s largest air power as per statistics obtained in 2015.

Rank Country Number Of Fighting Aircrafts
1 USA 2,207
2 China 1,066
3 Russia 769
4 India 629
5 North Korea 458
6 South Korea 399
7 Egypt 398
8 Pakistan 387
9 Japan 289
10 Taiwan 288

USA is the leading country with most fighting jets in the world having total aircrafts reaching up to 2,207 which are more than any other country. They have financial resources to create not only the quantity but the world’s most advanced fighter aircraft to date. The superiority in aerial fire power is indeed a great plus point for USA that causes other countries to refrain from even thinking of attacking the American nation. China and Russsia are at second and third spot but still far behind USA in race of creating most fighter aircrafts.
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