30 Countries Which Spend Least Percentage of GDP on Military
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30 Countries Which Spend Least Percentage of GDP on Military

Debate about whether country should decrease its military spending to gain economic advantages is getting hot around the globe. Cutting military budget to least percentage of GDP is not an easy task since it causes worsening of relation between government and establishment especially in third world countries so it always required deliberate policies to avoid any political suicide. On contrary, growing disquiet over vulnerability to attack from neighboring enemy country does demand to enhance defense capabilities to keep territory under control. Sometime new military structures are created to combat internal conflict and organized crime but going to escalate defense spending is never a decision to be taken lightly, especially when considering its overall affects on country’s growth.
Military expenditure has many adverse consequences for development that why it has now become crucial need of every country to save the global economy by decreasing defense spending to possible lowest level. The overall infrastructure of today’s world is based solely on the strong economy which demands diminishing of such spending as least as possible. Development, not military deterrence, is the best way for a safer society. By lessening such expenditure to lowest level, any country can outrank large economies provided resources released from cutting defense expenditure are properly utilized.
The Military spending is indicator of the economic resources devoted to defense purposes which shows the combating capabilities of any country and has many implications for global peace, security and development. Based on Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) report, listed below are countries which spend least percentage of GDP on military.

Country Country % of GDP
1 Mauritius 0.257%
2 Moldova 0.360%
3 Nigeria 0.405%
4 Guatemala 0.443%
5 Luxembourg 0.475%
6 Ireland 0.495%
7 Cape Verde 0.567%
8 Papua New Guinea 0.600%
9 Malta 0.601%
10 Sierra Leone 0.636%
11 Dominican Rep. 0.642%
12 Timor Leste 0.649%
13 Madagascar 0.665%
14 Mexico 0.672%
15 Ethiopia 0.701%
16 Nicaragua 0.709%
17 Ghana 0.714%
18 Liberia 0.754%
19 Austria 0.763%
20 Switzerland 0.784%
21 Lithuania 0.789%
22 Indonesia 0.826%
23 Trinidad & Tobago 0.837%
24 Jamaica 0.854%
25 Hungary 0.894%
26 Malawi 0.924%
27 Spain 0.928%
28 Latvia 0.932%
29 Canada 0.984%
30 Japan 0.992%

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