Ten Countries with Least Internet Censorship
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Ten Countries with Least Internet Censorship

Internet freedom around the world is continuously declining from the last few years, as more countries have taken aggressive measure to censor internet to eliminate its negative aspects. However research has revealed that 83% of users around the world believe internet is the most useful invention of modern era and affordable censored-free access should be a basic human right. Apart from its damaging affects it is also a fact that it is no longer way of just providing fun, users asses it across the globe for getting information related to studies, medical, health and environment and about each and every aspect about which one could imagine of. Indeed it has become the most crucial part of every human being’s life.
As per Freedom House, web content removals are now being practiced by 42 countries out of 65 where all webPages related to political, religious, or social issues are restricted or deleted. Authorities of 40 countries out of 65 actively arrests and frightens wrong doers who share information online related to government or religious. Surveillance laws and surveillance equipment are all functioning in 14 countries out of 65 to block websites of inappropriate contents while encryption and anonymity is completely banned or limited. Contrary to that, there are some countries too which have applied least censorship over internet and offer most freedom to its user that leads to the abusive destruction of its societies.

Freedom House examines obstacles to internet access, limits on content and violations of user rights in order to evaluate the level of censorship across the world. As per their latest report, Iran remained the country with the least internet freedom. In contrast, Iceland gives the most freedom to its citizens where authorities exercise least control over internet and nearly 96% of the population enjoys easy access at home. Estonia, Canada, Australia, Germany and the United States are all offering highest internet freedoms. Following is a list of top 10 countries where online data is least censored as per Freedom House report. The country with lowest score is least censoring the internet.

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