Ten Countries with Most Marines in the World
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Ten Countries with Most Marines in the World

Marines refer to specialist forces trained well to support the naval and army operations at both land and sea. It is an indeed a fact that the naval force adds more glamour to the national defense of any country. Large numbers of countries are there which have the most vigorous, devoted and the largest naval force which not only adds dimension in ruling the sea but also plays a vital role towards strengthening the overall defense of the state. It is undoubtedly proven that the American naval force has probably the biggest number of marines as compared to the other countries in the world. It is being said that America is far ahead of all other nations in terms of most marines and it would be impossible for any other country to compete with USA for at least next 10 years. The highest number of marines not just make America the top country but also pose a serious threat to others. Not only the numbers but the American Marines are well trained, talented and devoted enough to fight and neutralize the enemies. The up to date and advanced weapons, equipments, suites and a perfect working strategies and environment have made the American marines dominant over all others countries. One will surely get amazed after seeing the statistics of top 10 countries in the world which have the most marines concluded after the global survey in 2014. Just have a look at that giant at top; America.

Rank Country Service Total Marines
1 USA US Marine Corps 242,675
2 Vietnam Naval Infantry 27,000
3 South Korea Marine Corps 25,000
4 Thailand Marine Corps 23,000
5 Indonesia Korps Marinir – KorpMar 20,000
6 Mexico Infanteria De Marina 19,238
7 Brazil Fuzileiros Navais 15,520
8 Taiwan Marine Corps 15,000
9 Russia Naval Infantry 12,000
10 China Marine Corps 10,000
Source : http://www.globalsecurity.org

As it can be seen clearly from the above given statistics, USA dominates all others countries by big margin having most marines of about 242,675. The United States Marine Corps has as many Marines as every other Marine Corps on the planet combined . All other countries are far behind from United States  in the race of  marines despite of facts American don’t take account of separate entities designated as Marines, Naval Infantry, or some similar nomenclature by many  countries. The US Marine Corps always remain a big sign of motivation and hard work for the other naval forces around the world due to their devotion, determination and eagerness to serve their country to their best possible caliber.

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